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Kabaddi Rules | Kabaddi Rules, and Regulations

Today we Talk about for Kabaddi Rules, and Regulations. Kabaddi is a sport played in the village, the city of India. People are very much interested in this, to increase the popularity of Kabaddi, Pro Kabaddi League is organized in India. In this game, pro kabaddi has played an important role in filling the hearts of the people of the country. Kabaddi’s popularity is increasing every time.

Many tourists from India visit the country-wide to see Kabaddi’s Rome. Kabaddi also has some international teams that play kabaddi league against each other to increase its popularity. It has Nepal Bangladesh Sri Lanka Pakistan team besides India. Who plays kabaddi matches.

Pro Kabaddi is emerging as one of the biggest leagues in India. After seeing the thrill of Kabaddi, new fans are being added to it. Today we are going to give you information about some rules of Kabaddi. However, the number of fans of kabaddi in our country is increasing. But some people are unaware of his rule. We are going to give information about those rules to the fans of such kabaddi.

Those who are unfamiliar with the Kabaddi Rules and this rule have also implemented this rule in the league of Pro Kabaddi to be held in India. So today we will discuss the rule regulation of Kabaddi and we will also inform you about the rule of the Pro Kabaddi League to be held in India. So that person unfamiliar with the rules of kabaddi can know the rules of kabaddi and encourage them for the next generation by following those rules and encouraging them towards kabaddi….

Kabaddi Rules:

We are talking about Kabaddi Rules. kabaddi is a game played between two teams. It plays games against each other in both the teams. Each team has 7 players and one team tries to touch the players present there by going to the raider of a team to get points.

Meanwhile, the players of the opposition teams prevent the raider from coming back to catch the raider. The raider has touched as many players as the opposition team. The same number gets to the raider team. If the opposition team manages to stop the raider then the raider is considered out. The team stopping the raider gets a point. The team gets a point when the raider is prevented from entering their court. In this way players play against each other in this way.

The team with the most points. That team is declared victory according to the points. Kabaddi consists of 12 players. Out of which seven players are on the court and 5 are reserved. A line is drawn in the middle of the court. Which divides the two teams into separate parts. So lets Read Kabaddi Rules.

Duration of the game.

Now we will give you information about the duration of Kabaddi Rules game. Kabaddi game is usually played in two parts of 20:20 minutes. After every 20 minutes, the team changes its court. For this, both teams get a break of 5 minutes. Each team has 5 to 6 catchers and four to five raiders crying.

The coach captain of the Kabaddi team can take time out in between when the match is played. In which he discus about how to play between the players and the captain. This break is about 2 minutes. The match is organized according to the weight age of the players.

Technical rules:

According to technical Kabaddi Rules, some decisions are also given. Such as during a knockout semi-final match of kabaddi if the raider challenges the touch. So the umpire can change that decision based on its TV response. The maximum time for counseling is 20 seconds. Consultation has to be decided within 20 seconds.

Bonus Line:

The bonus line caval is then activated inside Kabaddi. When 6 players remain inside the court in the rescue team. If the reader goes to that team and crosses the bonus line then falls into his court. So the raider gets a point.

Super tackle

Inside Kabaddi Rules, if three players of the rescue team manage to catch the reader. Let the raider out. So it is called Super Tackle. In this, the team with rescue team gets 2 points.

kabaddi lobby rules

We are telling you about the lobby Kabaddi Rules. That inside it is a green lobby on both sides of the frost. When the raider goes to raid and enters the green lobby without touching the player of the opposing team. So the raider is considered out. The opposition team gets one point of this.

All Out

Inside the kabaddi, if the raider comes into the opposition court and dismisses the players. So that team goes all out and the advantage is that the red team gets 2 points more.

Kabaddi Leagues:

  • Pro Kabbadi League
  • UK Kabaddi Cup
  • Women’sKabaddi World Cup
  • World Kabaddi League
  • Asian Games
  • Kabaddi World Cup

Kabaddi Rules Video:

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My Opnine

Today we have given you information about the Kabaddi Rules and regulation. Kabaddi is a sport played in the Indian subcontinent. Kabaddi is also the most played sport in the villages and cities of India. People’s interest in it is increasing.

Apart from men, women are also participating extensively in Kabaddi. Women’s interest in kabaddi is increasing. In view of this, a lot of women’s kabaddi league is organized. So that women can get a chance to advance in this game.

So that he can compete with the men and in the coming time we can see Kabaddi as an emerging sport. Today we told you about such a rule of kabaddi which was very important for you to know. Hope you have liked all this information and in the coming time we will keep bringing sports news like this.


Krishan Saini

I am Krishna Saini and the founder of Cricfor. Cricfor is Provide for Latest Sports News, Article, Live Score, Match Protection and Teams Lineups, etc.

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