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We Are Taking About Basketball Rules| Basketball Rules and Regulations Because under this information we can fully enjoy the basketball match.

Hello friends welcome to our website cricfor. Today we are going to tell you about the Basketball Rules.

If we play or watch basketball then it is very important to know about the rules and Basketball Rules game.

Because under this information we can fully enjoy the basketball match. By taking complete information about it, we can also increase our basic knowledge.

Which in the coming time is very beneficial for our life. So today we are going to give you some information about the Basketball Rules.

This sport that is one of the most popularly watched sports in the world.

There are 5 players in a team in this game. Who try to earn points by putting the ball against each other in a high circle under the rules.

The team whose players score the most points in this game by throwing it through the basket. The team with that high score is declared as Vijai.

Shooting passing and dribbling techniques have changed in basketball over time.

Physical ability is required to play in this game. This game is full of agility. There is a lot of entertainment in this game too.

History of Basketball

Before the Basketball Rules of basketball, we are going to give you information about the history of the hair of the basket.

  • Basketball was started in 1891 by American resident James Smith.
  • An international committee related to the sport was formed in 1932.
  • The basketball manual was first published in 1895.
  • Indian Basketball Association was established in 1950
  • It is a sport organized after the independence of India.
  • In international games, a basketball court is 28 X 15 meters.
  • By the 1950 basketball had become a major college sport.
  • In 1959, a Basketball Hall of Fame was established in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • The first ball made specifically for basketball was brown.
  • In 1892, the University of California and Miss Heads School played the first women’s institutional game.
  • Formed the International Basketball Federation in 1932.
  • The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) started in 1997.

Basketball Court

Hello friends, now we will give you information about basketball court. The length of basketball court is 28 x 15 meters in width.

This court is free from obstruction: In the field inside the court, many lines and signs are inscribed which we will explain to you one by one to identify through the pictures.

Border line: Basketball Rules, the border line is drawn to demarcate the area and a basket is made om it.

Lateral line: To play this line, the Vedas chest the picture evenly.

Throw free line:This line is drawn when the players throw the ball when it is launched, the player cannot move from this line.

Central board:This line has a diameter of about 365 meters. This picture is called a boundary where players do not have a ball in the air.

Line 3 digits:This line is drawn to record pitches made behind the line.

Basketball Rules:

Hello friends, now we will give you information about Basketball Rules of playing basketball and will show you the rules and ways in which a basketball game is played.We are Taking About Basketball Rules.

Shooting Guard:

When a player throws hair to put in the basket, it is called shooting. And the player puts a shot in any part of the court and puts it in the ball ring.

So the player gets points from that. Also known as shooting guard, the player is awarded 3 points for speaking with the help of shooting guard.

To Pass:

When playing basketball, one player recognizes the ball as far as another player. So it’s called passing.

Most passes are taken one step further for power enhancement and hand forward to ensure accuracy.

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When the players pass the ball between the players by throwing and rolling the ball is bounced to the basket. That’s called Dribbling


When the player takes a free throw, then the players of the opposing team stand near the basket and the player who takes the free throw stands near the line. The remaining players remain at their respective positions.


When the player hits the shot, then the other player is successful in changing the short, then it is called blocking.

Basketball Game duration:

A basketball game consists of two parts of 20:20 minutes with a playtime of 10 minutes in which players form their strategy.

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Basketball General Rules:

  • In basketball, it is important to consider the referee’s decision.
  • No player can go out of the field without referee’s decision.
  • When the basketball game begins, the referee bounces the ball into the middle of the court.
  • The Empire notifies the ball if it is dead. So the same ball has to be thrown side to side with the new ball.
  • While playing basketball, if the captain or coach of any team wants to, he can take time out in the middle of the game.
  • Basketball has 3 referees
  • There are 12 players in a team but only 5 players remain on the court at a time. The rest are sitting on the bench.
  • Basketball players’ dress is marked with a size of 2 cm on the back side, 10 cm in the front.
  • If both teams have equal points in a basketball game, these two teams are given an additional 5 minutes.
  • If a player is injured during the game. So another player is given a chance to play in his place.

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