Who is the Richest Cricketer in India? Top 10 Richest Cricketer in India

Hello, Friends Today we will tell you about the Richest Cricketer in India. The sports cricket had originated in south-eastern England during the 18th century, although its exact date of invention is still unknown in history. With the British invasion of India, this sport gained a great amount of popularity and became one of the major sports of the country. The fanbase of cricket and cricketers are continuously increasing and seems to be unstoppable.

I consider the Indian cricket team to be one of the best and prestigious cricket teams because of the extraordinary performances offered by the Indian players. The winning trend of the Indian team and its players is increasing rapidly and the players are offered the best salaries when the other countries pay the scale is taken into consideration.

Some players have huge assets mainly because of their consistency in displaying their performances. The salary offered to them are sheerly based on the skills exhibited by them. The BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in India ) is the Highest Richest Cricketing Board across the world and hence offers their players a huge amount of salary too. So, here in this article, we will be listing the top 10 richest cricketers in India-based on their recent net worth.

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List of Richest Cricketers in India 2020:

The list of Richest Cricketers in India that we are giving you is last updated on November 13, 2020. In it, you can see his Net Worth of all players. Where there is about 7 Crore in one million dollars Indian currency.

S.RPlayersNet Worth
1Sachin Tendulkar $120 Million
2Virat Kohli$119 Million
3Mahendra Singh Dhoni $111 Million
4Sourav Ganguly $55.5 Million
5Virender Sehwag$40 Million
6Yuvraj Singh$35.5 Million
7Suresh Raina$25 Million
8Rahul Dravid$23 Million
9Rohit Sharma $16.6 Million
10Gautam Gambhir$15 Million

1) Sachin Tendulkar – $120 Million

According to the Forbes 2020 report, Sachin was termed as the richest Indian cricketer in India and occupied the 51st position in the report. He is the star of his team and needs no introduction. The former batsman of Indian International cricket has a whooping net worth of $120 million. He had joined Rajya Sabha in the year 2012 and had become the first nominated international cricketer to become a member.

richest cricketer in india

During his career, he had sponsorship ties with a number of brands, the most famous of all being ‘BOOST’, the famous Indian health drink, and ‘REYNOLDS’, a leading stationery manufacturing company. He is an annual income of 76.96 Crore. The former Indian skipper is also known for outstanding keeping skills and is often considered the most effective finisher in limited-overs cricket. He had been a great icon for all of his fans because of his inspiring personality and also had acted in his autobiography ‘SACHIN- A MILLION DREAMS’.  

2)Virat Kohli-$119 Million

He is the captain of India is the richest Indian cricketer having a high Income. This income of his not only based on the salary he receives from Word Richest Cricket Board (BCCI) or from the cricket matches played by him but is also based on the different businesses, properties, shares, and endorsements which he holds throughout the world. He is the Best International Cricket Player and Indian Captain of T20, One-Day Internationals, and Test at the Present Time. 

Richest Cricketer in India

He has contributed a huge amount of talent and skills to the national team. He has also been the brand ambassador for a number of fashion brands along with different advertisements showcased by him. He is one of the highest-paid players retained by the team of RCB and has a very high auction rate too. He is an annual income of 252.72 Crore. He is also the owner of the fitness fashion brand Wrogn which has gained a good amount of craze all over the country.

3)MS Dhoni-$111 Million

The former Indian Successful captain is also one of the highest-paid international cricketers across the world. Along with his incredible career as a captain, wicketkeeper and batsman, he also has a great talent for investing his incomes in the support of sports teams. His income is mainly obtained from the brand endorsements of his and the sports teams owned by him.

richest cricketer in india

He is known as ‘Captain Cool’ because of his calm and easy-going attitude. He owns Mahi Racing Team India is a racing team from the SuperSport World Championship, and Ranchi Rays – a hockey club from his hometown. He also owns a number of businesses which includes the hospitality industry (Hotel Mahi Residency), fitness industry (Sports Fit World Pvt Ltd), and footwear collections (Seven). His biopic had already been made which starred Sushant Singh Rajput naming ‘MS DHONI- THE UNTOLD STORY”.

4)Sourav Ganguli-$55 Million

He had been the chairman of the Indian Cricket Association of Bengal before becoming the 39th BCCI president in 2019. Sourav Ganguly was the former captain of India and needs no introduction and is already famous for his triumph in Lords’ stadium. He had been a brilliant speaker too and has outstanding communication skills along with proper planning of execution.

richest cricketer in india

He hails from a rich family and owns a variety of businesses which contribute to his net worth, eventually. He owns a football team in West Bengal and also participates in a number of brand advertisements too. The left-handed batsman was one of the captains to revive Indian International cricket from the grasps of match-fixing scenarios. He is the brand ambassador of a number of sports brands, one of the prominent of them is ‘PUMA’ and the other is a health drink named ‘Complaint’ famous throughout the country.

5)Virender Sehwag – $40 Million

He is famous for his aggressive in field nature and can be termed as one of the best opening batsmen India ever had. He is famous for his triple centuries which he had scored against Pakistan and South Africa. He is associated with a leading Indian broadcaster for commentary and analysis in the IPL ( T20 League )  and the Indian team’s home matches too.

richest cricketer in india

He has also been the coach of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab for a span of 5 long years. He is also associated with top media companies known for featuring sports news. He owns a website on his name where the following brands are listed as his current or former sponsors naming: Adidas, Zandu Balm, JK Cements, Boost, Hero, Royal Challenge, Rasan, and Nirala is listed on his website www.sehwagworld.com. These are his major sources of income.

6) Yuvraj Singh – $35.5 Million

He is known as a fighter personality because of his triumph against cancer. He is famous for his six 6’s in a row for a full over in an important match against England. He had been a part of India in the 2011 world cup and had become the man of the tournament. He has battled with cancer, beat the disease, and make a huge come for the national team. 

High Income Player

His main source of income is the brand endorsements of his in the past like Pepsi, Reebok, Birla Sun Life, Royal Mega Stag, Laureus & Benz, Whirlpool, Cadbury, Revital, Puma, and LG. He has also added to his net worth with the release of his autobiography, “The Test of my Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back.”

7)Suresh Raina – $25 Million

This Indian batsman had started his career in the Indian Cricket Team as a teenager at the mere age of 19 eventually winning everyone’s heart to become a name in every household during the play of cricket tournaments. He has made a fortune with his hard work and skills.

High Income Player

In the past, Raina has endorsed brands like CEAT, Pepsi, Adidas, ASICS, HP Racer, Fantain, Intex, Aircel, among many others. He has played for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL tournaments too. Now, he has retired from his career in ODI cricket but continues to keep the necessary connection with the cricket community.

8) Rahul Dravid- $23 Million

This player belonging to the state of Karnataka has had a great career in Indian cricket and is best known for his athletic skills. He has a great history of unraveling young talents and bringing them into the limelight, thus making their career as effective sports personalities.

High Income Player

Dravid reportedly earned around ₹5 crores per annum in the last 2 years of his stint as the head coach of the India A and India under-19 team. Now he is the head of NCA with a whopping salary. In 2017, He was made the brand ambassador of the Indian Super League club Bengaluru FC.

9) Rohit Sharma- $16.6 Million

He is one of the most valuable players in India. who has also been famous for his great captainship skills in many matches? The Word Richest Cricket Board BCCI contract offers him a huge salary of Rs. 7 crores annually. He is the recurring captain of the IPL team Mumbai Indians, thus winning the IPL trophy a number of times. He is the Best Indian Cricketer &  Indian Opener with Shikar Dhawan.

High Income Player

He has a great number of brand endorsements, some of them being Maggi, Lays, Nissan, CEAT, Aristocrat, Adidas, Relispray, Nasivion Nasal Spray, Restless Energy Drink, Oppo, Highlanders, and Hublot, while also featuring in IPL 2020 commercials. He has been categorized in the Highest Paid Cricketer group A players in the Team.

10) Gautam Gambhir- $15 Million

He is famous for his outstanding performances in the 2011 world cup and can be termed as one of the greatest players in the cricket history of India. His major income is from the Popular brand’s endorsements of his which included Reebok, Red Bull, Beverly Hills Polo Club, and Hero MotoCorp. Along with this, they appointed Gambhir as the brand ambassador of CricPlay, a fantasy gaming platform. It also announced as the brand ambassador of Pinnacle Specialty Vehicles (PSV) in January 2018.

High Income Player

Being the head of the constituency, he also receives ₹45,000 per in Delhi. In late 2019, multiple media reports suggested that starting from the IPL 2020, He made the minority stake owner for the Delhi Capitals team ( Delhi Daredevils ) 2020, having bought a 10% stake worth ₹100 crores in the franchise.

These were the list of the top 10 richest cricketers in India. This article has been made based on the recent ranking in the descending order based on their net worth values. This article provides the latest list of cricketers in 2020 based on the different web sources available.

Comment below to let us know your favorite international cricketer in the above list. Hope this article was successful in providing some useful information.

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