10 Best Fall Vacation Ideas

Does the thought of an autumn morning fill you with the scent of spicy coffee and the image of a colorful drive through a canopy of foliage? Are you trying to come up with some original fall vacation ideas?

The sight of changing leave doesn’t mean you’re vacation season is over. In fact, the crisp breezes and gorgeous scenery make it an excellent time to sneak away.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for fall destinations.

  1. Mountain Getaway

Many folks live within an hour or two of a mountain range. This is a great place to experience some of the best views around, so much so that your trip to your destination is a vacation in itself.

Go on social media groups and ask for recommendations for local bed and breakfasts or mountain cabins. Remember that you won’t want to be uncomfortable on vacation. Before you book, make sure to check out reviews, photos, and cancelation policies.

Hiking, horseback riding, and boating can all be a part of your mountain adventure. Your mood, health, and state of mind can all get a big boost from a short getaway.

  1. Shopping Fun

Fall is also a great time to enjoy a shopping vacation. This is a time when you may be looking for back-to-school finds or early holiday bargains.

Look for a location two or three hours away that has a large shopping outlet you’re interested in checking out. It will likely be easy to find a hotel or bed and breakfast nearby. An indoor pool and nice restaurant options mean you’ll be busy for the entire weekend, even if you choose to take your whole family with you.

  1. Wine Country

Fall is a popular time for winery visits because the wine is being harvested. You can take special harvest tours and watch the wine teams picking grapes. And it’s hard not to fall in love with the brilliant autumnal colors as they paint pictures in the leaves.

Wine tastings and alfresco meals are popular for those visiting wine country. If you make a reservation for late October, you could also end up saving some money on your room price.

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  1. Fishing Vacation

If you’re the kind of person who loves to stay active while you’re away, consider a fantastic fishing vacation by local lakes and rivers. The exercise will clean out your lungs, build your self-esteem, and help you to bond with those you love.

Salmon fishing is particularly beneficial because it’s rich in protein and high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. If you love to fish, find a cozy cabin near the woods and bring your favorite companions with you.

  1. City Love

Not everyone enjoys the quiet of a mountain stream when they’re looking to take a break. Some folks prefer the hustle and bustle of a metro area that offers elegant hotels and plenty to do.

You can even drive to your local city and stay in a hotel for the weekend. Take in a show, enjoy a world-class meal, and soak up local culture at stores and coffee shops. When planning any city getaway, efficiently scheduling your stops along the way can make all the difference in achieving an enjoyable trip. Route4Me route planner can streamline your itinerary, saving you a tremendous amount of time and energy that can be applied to having the time of your life! You’ll come home with plenty of stories to tell!

  1. Brewery Hops

Many folks prefer the down-home atmosphere of craft breweries for a weekend away. Some areas have several breweries you can sample from while ordering delicious apps and relaxing with friends. Plenty of beer gardens also let you sit outside and soak up some beautiful scenery while perfecting your brewing palate.

  1. Spa Soaking

Everyone from stressed-out mommas to hardworking grandpas knows the rejuvenating value of a spa weekend.

Enjoy improved fitness and health from yoga or reduced tension from a massage. Many destination spas also include activities like nature walks and cooking classes for the price of a weekend. 

Of course, there’s also plenty of time to walk around in your bathrobe and slippers or take a break in the jacuzzi. Find out about the deals local spas have to offer before you go.

  1. National Parks

If you can’t get enough of nature in the fall, take a trip to your local national park. Plenty of lodging, campgrounds and majestic scenery is ripe for your enjoyment. Spelunking, snorkeling, and horseback riding are also part of the fun.

Before taking a park vacation, make sure you talk to folks who have visited the area and get their tips and recommendations.

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  1. Sports Trip

Sports fans will relish the opportunity to check out their favorite team as they root for them in a different city. This also gives you a wonderful opportunity to soak up the cuisine, shopping, and entertainment options a little further from home. 

Be sure to book your lodging early so you have somewhere to relax after the game.

  1. Theme Park Trip

Some theme parks and indoor water parks make a great weekend destination in the fall. You can enjoy the trip without the crowds or high prices you expect during the summer.

The key is in finding a park that’s less than a two-to-three-hour drive from your home so you won’t spend the whole weekend in the car. There is always plenty of lodging and dining options available.

Our Favorite Vacation Ideas

When the weather starts getting crisper, you can’t go wrong with a picturesque fall getaway. With such a kaleidoscope of vacation ideas to choose from, you can’t go wrong during this colorful time of year.

Don’t stop getting smart about your travel and lifestyle now. For more great ideas, read our blog today.