What Is The Difference Between Malt And Shake?

You must know the difference between malt and shake if you love consuming refreshing beverages for hot summer days! When you look at the cafe’s menu card, you will see so many different types of shakes and malt. Many people among us often get confused about what to choose a malted shake or a milkshake. So, in my today’s article, we will discuss what’s the difference between a shake and a malt in detail. Here, I have also mentioned the meaning of malted milk powder. Without wasting much time, let us study and understand the difference between malt and shake in detail.

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Key Difference Between Malt And Shake

In this section, you will get to know the difference between shake and malt. Let us first know the meanings of these beverages.

What Is A Milkshake?

A dessert beverage that is made from milk, ice cream, and flavorings is known as a milkshake. The word milkshake was invented way back in the 1800s. But earlier milkshakes were made from eggs and whiskey! After few years, eggs were replaced with ice creams, and whiskey was replaced with sweet syrups.

Now, let’s check out what is a malt drink.

What Is Malt Shake?

Malt is a type of milkshake that is made from malted milk powder. This dessert was first invented in 1922 and since then, it has become popular very quickly. Here, milk powder is the main ingredient and is blended with milk and ice cream.

Now, the only main difference between malt and shake is the use of malted milk powder. In malts, malted milk powder is used while in shakes this ingredient is not used. Also, there is a slight difference between malt and shake taste. The malted milk powder makes the drink, even more, sweeter than the milkshake.

So, let us check out what malted milk powder actually is.

What Is Malted Milk Powder?

A milk powder that is made from malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated milk is known as malted milk powder. It is a sweetener that has a rich toasty flavor. Malted milk powder adds a thicker consistency to any beverage. In the beginning, it was used as a nutritional supplement for infants and disabled people. But nowadays, it has gained huge popularity in desserts and beverages. There are so many different flavors of malted milk such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Difference Between Malt Vs Shake Vs Concrete

We have understood what is malt and shake in the above section. It is funny that people compare these beverages with concrete! Concrete is completely opposite mixture. It is made by mixing sand, cement, and water. This mixture is used for building buildings and bridges.


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Is A Malt Sweeter Than A Shake?

Due to the addition of malted milk powder, malts are typically a bit thicker and sweeter than milkshakes. Malts also usually come in fewer flavor options than milkshakes. Malts are typically limited to the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Is Drinking Malt Healthy?

Malted drinks help to reduce heart problems. Malt extracts contain fibre, potassium, folate and vitamin B6, which help to lower cholesterol in the body. So, with a healthy glass of Maltina in your hands, you are reducing your risk of dealing with heart diseases.

Whats Thicker Malt Or Shake?

Malted milk powder improves the taste and renders malt sweeter than a shake. In reality, malted milk is a sweetener with a rich, toasty flavor, which gives the beverage a thicker consistency. The best thing about malt milk, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry is in many different varieties.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Malt?

Malt Beverages and Blood Pressure

“Malted beverages can cause increases in blood pressure, especially those with alcoholic content,” Dr. Krakower says. “This may depend on the frequency of use. Regular or binge drinkers of alcoholic beverages can show signs of elevated blood pressure and other cardiac conditions.”

How Is A Malt Different From A Shake?

What Is a Malt? A malt, or a “malted shake,” is a milkshake made with the addition of malted milk powder. This gives the shake a bit of a toasty, rich taste that enhances classic milkshake flavors like chocolate or vanilla. It also creates a thicker consistency.

Is Malted Milk Better?

Key Takeaways. Malted milk can improve vision and skin health due to its high vitamin B-2 content. The milk is also high in iron content, which makes it a strong blood fortifier. Malted milk carries high amounts of vitamin D and other minerals that can support bone strength and health.


In the above article, we have studied the difference between malt and shake in detail. A shake is a beverage that is made from milk, ice cream, and flavorings. Whereas Malt ice cream or drink is made by using malted milk powder, milk, and ice cream. This ingredient will give the beverage a sweeter and richer taste. And the thickness of the malt is due to the usage of malted milk powder. The more you add malted milk powder the thicker the drink will become. By understanding the difference between chocolate malt and shake you can now choose your favorite cold beverage.