13 Father’s Day Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Use

Father’s day is always here before you know it, and finding the perfect gift to give your dad is often a challenge. If you’re tired of giving him ties, or if he doesn’t wear them much anyway, you might want to take a different approach with this year’s present. Check out these unique and creative gifts that will make your dad smile.

1. A Personalized Mug.

If your dad is always grabbing for a cup of coffee or tea in the morning (or any other time of day for that matter), a personalized mug can make for the perfect gift. You can have his name or nickname printed on it, or even a short message about how much he means to you.

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2. A Stylish Lighter.

A stylish lighter can make a great gift if your dad smokes cigars. Just be sure to pick one that looks nice, such as a st dupont lighter or another high-end brand. He’ll puff away in style with his new lighter.

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3. A Sentimental Keychain.

Keychain is actually one of the original symbolic gifts for Father’s Day, but we still love them today. This great sentimental gift will make any dad smile each time he looks at it. Whether it holds his car keys or just a small photo, he’ll love it.

4. Some Easy Grilling Supplies.

If your dad loves cooking out, some easy grilling supplies will be a great gift. Buy him an extra skewer or two so he can grill up more food at once, or get him a set of BBQ mitts so he can easily grab his food off the grill without getting burned.

A few ideas for grilling supply gifts are:

-A set of grilling tools set with the grill in mind (steak knives, spatula, tongs)

-A grilling mat

-A grill brush

-A set of skewers

5. Tickets To His Favorite Sporting Event.

Is your dad a super fan of a particular team? A ticket to his favorite sporting event might be just what he needs. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or another sport, getting your dad tickets will make him smile and he can go with his friends or even take you along if it’s a family-friendly event.

If you really want to make it special, get two tickets and go with him. He’ll feel like a king, and you’re sure to have a great time as well!

6. A Nice Watch That He’ll Wear Every Day.

Some men don’t like to wear jewelry, but a nice watch is usually one exception. Get your dad a cool watch that he’ll enjoy wearing daily; you can get one that matches his personality. If he’s more of a sporty type, then you might want to check out some of the cool new sports watches. Or, if he’s more of a businessman, you can get him a nice stainless steel watch that will match any outfit he wears.

7. A Digital Photo Frame.

A digital photo frame can make a great gift if your dad isn’t into wearing jewelry or likes sporting event tickets. You can fill it with photos of the two of you or even put in a slideshow of your favorite pictures that he’ll love looking at as he does work around the house or just sits back and relaxes.

Another great thing about a digital photo frame is that it’s easy to update over time. If you’ve taken some vacation pictures or gotten together for any other special occasion, you can load them into the frame and have him look at all of your family memories.

You may want to get him a digital photo frame for both home and his office at work. That way, he can look at the photos of your family all day long.

8. A Cool New Tech Gadget.

If your dad is always up on the latest gadgets and love to play with them or go see what’s out there, a cool new tech gadget can make the perfect gift. You’ll want to research what he might like, but there are a ton of gadgets out there that he’ll love playing with.

You could also buy him a new phone, get him the newest tablet or even buy him something like a wireless keyboard. Just be sure to pick out something that he’ll enjoy so that he doesn’t get bored of it after the first few days or weeks.

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9. A funny T-Shirt That Will Make Him Bust Out Laughing.

There is no shortage of funny t-shirts for sale on the internet. Whether you are looking for a dad joke or something more generic, there is sure to be the perfect shirt for your dad. Just don’t be surprised if he ends up wearing it around the whole time.

If you really want to get him a funny shirt, then consider having a custom shirt made. That way, you can make sure it will come out exactly as you wanted and be a unique shirt that will make him laugh for years to come.

10. A Gift Basket With All Of His Favorite Snacks.

Is your dad a big snacker? If he’s like most dads, then he probably goes through a ton of snacks every single week. Instead of just getting him another bag of chips or a box of cookies, why not give him a fun gift basket of all his favorite snacks? There are plenty of gift baskets out there with some fun novelty items, so you’re sure to find a great one.

Just be sure you’re putting snacks in the basket that he likes. If there’s even a chance that he might not be into what you get, it’s better to skip the gift basket idea and go with something else.

11. A Gift Card To His Favorite Restaurant.

Is your dad a big foodie, or has a favorite restaurant he likes to go to all the time? If so, getting him a gift card to his favorite restaurant is a great idea. You can even get one that covers his entire meal, including drinks. Just be sure you know what he likes to eat and how much money you want to spend.

You don’t want to get him a gift card that isn’t enough money to cover his entire meal when you know he’ll be spending extra money on something he enjoys.

12. A Video Game That He Can Play With You.

Are your dad and you both big gamers? If so, then imagine the fun you’ll have to play video games together when you buy him one of his favorite games. Any time a child spends time with their dad is great bonding time, so this is a perfect gift.

13. A New Set Of Tools That He Can Use For A Home Project.

If you know your dad loves fixing up things around the house, then a new set of tools is one gift he’ll love. You can find plenty of tool sets out there or even just buy him some hand tools that he can use to fix things around the house.

If you want to make an even bigger impact, then consider getting him a toolbox for him to keep all of his tools in. That way, he’ll be better organized and have everything he needs on hand whenever a project comes up.

There’s something on this list for every dad

It doesn’t matter what your dad is into or what kind of hobbies he has; it’s easy to find a great Father’s Day gift that he’ll love. Just think about all the things he loves to do and then find one of the gifts on this list that is perfect for him. Once you have a gift in mind, it’s time to make sure that you get it ordered or bought so that it arrives on time. You also want to make sure that you choose the right type of gift wrapping so that the present is just as impressive as what’s inside.