What Is Cum Play?

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What Is Cum Play?

Cum play is a sexual act that involves the use of semen during sexual activities. It is a relatively taboo subject in mainstream society but is becoming more widely recognized and accepted as a legitimate sexual practice.

Cum play can involve a variety of activities, such as ejaculating onto a partner’s body or face, incorporating semen into sexual play, or even consuming semen. Some couples enjoy incorporating cum play into their sexual activities as a form of intimacy and arousal.

Cum play can be a form of dominance or submission, depending on the individual’s preferences. For example, some individuals enjoy being ejaculated on as a form of submission, while others may enjoy being the one who ejaculates on their partner as a form of dominance.

The use of condoms during cum play is highly recommended as it can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If condoms are not used, partners should be tested for STIs before engaging in cum play.

It is important to note that cum play should only be performed between consenting adults who have discussed their boundaries and preferences beforehand. Communication and consent are essential in all sexual activities, including cum play.

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In conclusion, cum play is a sexual practice that involves the use of semen during sexual activities. It can be a form of intimacy and arousal for some individuals, but it is important to practice safe sex and obtain consent from all parties involved. As with all sexual activities, communication and respect are key to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


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