Potential Gaps and Remedies K-12 companies in India should focus on

With the goal of becoming a Digital India, the education system will undergo a transformation in the next few years. Looking at the larger picture, the Indian EdTech industry is expected to reach $70 billion by 2017. The higher education sector accounts for 50%, K12 for 40%, and coaching/tutoring accounts for the remaining 10%. There … Read more

Different Social Media and Their Business Uses

  Different Social Media and Their Business Uses social media Social Media is such a platform where you’ll be ready to express also as promote your business. Every Marketer i do know resorts to social media for targeting a bigger audience. There are different other marketing techniques like email marketing, affiliate marketing, ad marketing, etc. However, the … Read more

Different types of Services Provided At A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are great for freelancers, independent professionals, small and big enterprises who require a workspace to set up their office. Emerging as a fast-growing concept, coworking spaces come with a wide range of beneficial services.  We have compiled a list of our most beneficial services. Reception Services Having a designated area to check-in and … Read more

How Can SEO Companies Help Your Business?

As the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane boasts of its charming vibe and its 280 days of sun throughout the year. Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia. It is also considered the fastest growing destination in Australia. While Melbourne is best known for its European appeal and Sydney is more global, Brisbane … Read more