6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Get HVAC Contractors More Business

HVAC companies have traditionally gotten new clients from marketing campaigns on television, radio, and print ads. However, those marketing channels are expensive, and you can’t track how many new customers they generate. Additionally, people are moving from traditional channels to digital media, reading the newspaper online, and streaming TV and audio programs. That means you need to look at digital marketing for HVAC companies to drive new business.

While HVAC installations are needed for new construction and remodels, sometimes it is the repair and maintenance business that keeps your company afloat. And that is where you have to be competitive to get your share of new business. Creating business cards can help you achieve that. While the HVAC industry might be cyclical due to local weather patterns, driving new business during slow times is critical to your bottom line.

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What is Digital Marketing for HVAC Contractors?

Digital marketing for HVAC companies is using any digital channels to drive business to your website to convert new customers. These channels include websites, landing pages, search engines, paid ads, social media platforms, content marketing, video marketing, and more.

  1. Digital Marketing Starts with Your Website

Your website is your digital business card and brochure. Instead of handing out business cards in person, you drive traffic to visit your website. To get visitors to spend time on your site once they get there, the website needs to:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Load quickly
  • Have relevant content that provides solutions for visitors
  • Build trust and establish your authority
  • Display social proof from previous customers
  • Be clear and concise about the services you offer (For instance, you might focus on new construction only or repair and maintenance only).
  • List your certifications, accreditations, specialized knowledge, and experience
  • Ask visitors to contact you for more information or to schedule an appointment
  • List your location, hours, and contact information
  1. Drive Organic HVAC Traffic with SEO

In order for search engines to list your website on search engine results pages (SERPs), they need to know what your website is about. To learn, search engine technology crawls your web pages and looks for clues. This technology is advanced enough to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase the speed and capabilities of search engines. There is no need to use clunky keywords or overly repetitive language. Search engines learn through context, from internal and external links, image and video content, and any other type of content you include.

The job of search engine optimization (SEO) is to match your content with the right search engine queries, so people who land on your site are already looking for a reliable, local HVAC company. To find local customers, optimizing your site with your contact information, address, and areas you serve will help qualify your leads.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media platforms is beneficial for HVAC contractors because many towns and cities have local accounts for their areas. You can also target your ideal potential customers using platforms’ demographic filters for ads. People do go on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for help finding a new contractor through trusted referrals.

Social media channels are sometimes used as service communication centers for customers having problems or needing repair. This practice is a good way to build social proof and your reputation as a local business.

You can also create campaigns to target your best customers and look-alikes to get them to subscribe to your email list, or book an appointment.

  1. Email Marketing for HVAC

People often “window shop” for ideas when making a major purchase, and that can include new construction and remodeling, commercial or residential. They have so many choices to make that it takes time to make all of them. At this stage, they may browse your website or contact you to collect the information to make a decision. Email marketing offers one method to stay in touch, update them with new products and services, and remind them to contact you for annual maintenance.

One of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing remains an excellent way to stay in contact with prospective and current customers. It can be automated, segmented, and personalized for individual customers. With Google phasing out third-party cookies, email is being emphasized once again as an influential method of reaching customers.

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  1. Optimizing for Mobile Responsiveness

Everyone is going mobile these days, and that means your HVAC company has to go mobile too. More searches on Google are made from mobile devices than from desktop computers. According to Statista, mobile devices such as smartphones made up 54.4 percent of all website traffic in the last year, a considerable bump over the previous years when they would hover just under fifty percent of all traffic. 

To meet this need, your website, landing pages, interactive content, and contact forms need to be mobile-friendly. You may also find having a mobile app is helpful for your business. Customers could go directly to your app instead of searching on a search engine.

Part of mobile responsiveness is having a fast-loading site. No one wants to stand there and wait to get on your website. If they wait too long, they will leave and try someone else. Since page load time is also a ranking factor on Google, you reap several benefits from improving it.

  1. Build Trust with Social Proof

Social proof is proving your site is reputable and reliable by seeing actual customer ratings for your HVAC company. Oberlo states that 89% of worldwide consumers read reviews before buying a product. While getting happy customers to fill out a review for your service isn’t the easiest thing to do, you can send them a link in your “thank you” email or text. The best place to have clients write reviews is a third-party industry review site or, if they can, on a paid site like Angi.