Everything You Need To Know About Brand Building 

If you want a successful business, there’s one thing that stands out above all else for obtaining and retaining customers – trust. Gaining trust takes time. It can’t be done overnight, and in some instances, it can take years for people to start trusting the products or services you’re putting out there. Even Tesla took 17 years before the company started making money.

So, what do you need to do to build that trust? It’s called brand building and it’s an intensive process that is only as good as the effort you put into it. Here’s what you need to know.

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What Is Brand Building And Why Is It Important?

A “brand” relates to the aspects of your business that makes it stand out from others and gives backing for how customers, clients, employees and the general public perceive you. It focuses on the quality of the products themselves, your logo and website, signs at the store, uniforms, as well as aspects such as colours and fonts that are used in relation to your business. 

Brand building is the process of using direct advertising campaigns to raise awareness of a brand, promote a specific product, make connections with the target audience, and give them something of value. Building a brand is an important step on the path to getting more leads. It also makes customers happier, keeps them coming back, and helps people recognise the brand.

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If you want a strong brand, you first have to understand why it’s so important; then you need to build it well.

A strong brand identity:

  • Uses the power of emotions to attract customers, motivate employees, and build credibility.
  • Gives your target market a message that is all about your business and what it has to offer.
  • Makes an impression on potential customers and affects their decisions about what to buy.
  • Helps people learn about your company’s values, personality, and mission. 
  • Enables increased recognition, a high level of customer loyalty, word-of-mouth advertising, trust, and credibility.

Most importantly, a strong brand helps you to find new leads and turn them into paying customers.

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How To Implement Successful Strategies

There are five main strategies for building a brand:

  1. Establish your target audience and see what your competitors are doing. Every successful brand needs to do a full analysis of its ideal customers and competitors. Try to find out more about the market and determine why people are buying from your competition – how do they market themselves?
  2. Choose a business name that stands out and ensure your marketing is consistent. You want to use the same logo, colours, and fonts for all materials. Also, choose a website domain that’s unique and easy to remember. Remember this should all focus on not only where your business is at now, but where you want it to be in future. For example, if you sell soap now but hope to expand to candles, a name like Soaps4U won’t work.
  3. Create a unique logo. With a logo that is unique and easy to remember, you can make a good first impression, build brand identity, get people’s attention, and make them more loyal to your business. Don’t forget that a brand logo is the face of your company, so it needs to stand out for people to notice and remember it.
  4. Make sure your brand’s personality is clear. For people to remember your brand, it needs a personality that makes it stand out from other things. People want brands that are interesting and change over time. You might want to portray your business as being hip or sexy, or simply warm and friendly. 
  5. Consider how people will feel when they use your product or service. Make sure you explain it in detail in your company mission statement – you might even use it as your tagline. For example, Disneyland’s tagline is “The Happiest Place On Earth”, so you know you’re going to be happy when you visit; L’Oréal Paris: ‘Because You’re Worth It gives you the motivation to spoil yourself, and Red Bull’s “Red Bull Gives You Wings” makes you feel as though you can do anything.

Remember, building a brand is about getting your target market to trust you by reinforcing the value of your brand. If you’re just starting out, be patient – it took Facebook five years to turn a profit! Start working on your brand strategy and start building. Who knows where you’ll be in 10 years.