What Do I Need to File a Workers Comp Claim in Louisiana?

Worker’s compensation insurance protects employees who are injured on the job. 

It provides access to medical attention and lost wages while the employee heals from their illness or injury. 

It is essential that Louisiana workers comp injuries and illnesses are immediately reported. 

Knowing what to do can be a little confusing if you’ve never been involved in a Louisiana workers comp claim before. Filing the right paperwork and filling it out completely can positively impact a Louisiana workers comp claim while keeping premiums low and getting injured workers the compensation they deserve.

Here’s what you should know about filing a Louisiana workers comp claim. 

First Report of Injury

When an employee is injured on the job, they must report the injury to their employer immediately. Even if the injury doesn’t seem severe or the employee doesn’t require time off to heal, it should still be immediately reported to the employer and Louisiana workers comp. 

The employer will complete a First Report of Injury form and submit it to their insurance company within 3 days of the reported injury or illness. It includes all the most important information about the injury and how it occurred. 

The employer will also inform the injured employee about their Louisiana workers comp benefits and the claims process. The employer will keep the lines of communication open with their injured employee to ensure they are receiving the medical attention necessary to facilitate complete recovery. 

Wage Statement

If the employee will be unable to work for more than 7 days due to recovery from an on-the-job injury or illness, then the employer will need to complete and submit a Wage Statement form to their Louisiana workers comp insurer. 

The Wage Statement form allows the Louisiana workers comp insurance company to calculate the financial compensation due to the injured employee. It should be submitted within 5 days of the employee reporting the on-the-job injury or illness. 

First Fill Form

The First Fill Form is provided to the injured employee by the employer. It provides basic information about the Pharmacy Benefits Program and where to find a First Fill participating pharmacy. This information ensures that the employee can get their first prescription quickly and at no cost so they can begin the healing process as soon as possible. 

If appropriate, the employer can begin working on a return-to-work plan for the injured employee. Sometimes it is necessary for the employee to return to temporary transitional duty, but that is a decision made between the injured employee and their medical provider

Louisiana Workers Comp Protects Employers and Injured Workers

Louisiana workers comp insurance is required for every employer in the state. It is put in place to protect both employers and workers who are injured on the job. While it is necessary to take the proper steps and complete the necessary paperwork, Louisiana workers comp insurance ensures injured workers receive the compensation and the medical attention they need when injured on the job. It also protects employers from bogus claims and encourages them to provide a safe work environment.