What to Know About Refinansiering (Refinancing) in Norway 

What to Know About Refinansiering (Refinancing) in Norway

  It is said that money rules the world. There are songs to that effect and even if you do not agree with the phrase, it is quite a catchy one-liner. However, it has to be admitted that money heavily impacts our world; from the economy of countries and businesses to the financial situation of … Read more

Benefits of Investing in Silver

Silver is known to be a tangible commodity, and it’s traded publicly just like gold. When the prices of paper assets like stocks go down, the tangible commodities’ value usually goes up. Silver coins, bars, and bullion typically move in the opposite direction of bonds and stocks. If the fiat currency of a country loses its … Read more

All-Time Best Google Assistant Smart Speakers for Your Home

  When it comes to smart speakers, two voice assistants are always locking horns with each other: Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Well, in all honesty, Google is much more user-friendly and simplified to use. Google Assistant answers your questions more accurately and has a rather easy setup process. Also, let’s not forget that Google … Read more

Make Boston Your Number One Travel Destination for 2022

  The new year brings so many new and exciting things to look forward to. New resolutions for your health, new opportunities in your professional life, and maybe even new love in your personal! Another thing the new year brings you – is the chance to explore places you’ve never been and knock items off … Read more