Is AWS cloud architect hard?

AWS is the world’s most frequently used cloud platform, with over a decade of experience and a diverse set of services. AWS presently dominates the global public cloud industry with a 65% market share. It was the first to offer Internet-based infrastructure services in 2006. Despite this, AWS boasts the most advanced technologies in terms of support and functionality.

As organizations rapidly shift using cloud technology, many recognize that they require cloud knowledge to succeed. Despite this, 90% of IT decision-makers cite cloud skill shortages. Cloud architects who know how to plan, design, develop, migrate, and operate cloud applications are highly demanded. Do you want to work in cloud computing? AWS Cloud Architect course in Bangalore offers excellent work opportunities. The role of a cloud architect is in high demand and will continue to do so.

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Professional Cloud Architect – What do they do?

Professional Cloud Architects help businesses use Google Cloud. They design, create and manage safe, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions. They can help with cloud migration, assess workload architectures, and advise how to solve high-risk concerns. In addition to business, technical, and people capabilities, cloud architects must comprehend the ever-changing specialized training available to their teams.

They work with a development team to create cloud environments. First, they determine what systems, vendors, and parts are required. Then they’ll work with developers to make sure the technology meets the project’s initial needs. Later on, cloud architects will integrate and repair the project.

Because cloud architects work with a range of clients, they must understand their unique cloud requirements. They must understand what each organization requires and how each function may help them. Cloud architects constantly research new technologies to keep up with the latest cloud computing offerings.

Key responsibilities of a cloud architect

A cloud architect must, in general,

  • Create effective cloud computing solutions to fulfill company needs
  • Merge business and technology
  • Continue to enhance cloud computing architecture
  • Successfully implement their cloud architecture across the firm
  • Create models and visuals to share plans with team members and stakeholders
  • Keep up with emerging cloud technology and industry best practices

Must-have skills

To become an AWS cloud architect, one must first understand cloud computing, its purpose, and its uses. The AWS cloud architect online course will teach you technical skills such as networking, computer languages, and soft skills. Top IT skills for AWS Cloud Architect:

  • Java, Python, C#
  • Networking
  • Data Storage Fundamentals
  • DevOps
  • Cloud-specific patterns and technologies
  • Security Foundations
  • AWS Service Selection
  • Container

What steps do you need to take to become a cloud architect first?

  1. Get a degree: A bachelor’s degree, especially in science, is required to become a cloud architect. A formal undergraduate degree will help you prepare for the job’s specific requirements.
  2. Get hands-on experience on the job: Cloud Architect is not an entry-level position. For the most part, it’s a lower-level career. To be an influential cloud architect, you must have extensive IT knowledge, leadership, and team-management skills.
  3. Obtain certification: Getting experience as a cloud architect isn’t enough! Instead, an online course will assist them in improving their abilities and knowledge. Certifications in design, network, storage, and security are available.
  4. Start looking for a new job: Now that you’ve completed your training, it’s time to start looking for work in your chosen sector. The following are a few positions for cloud architects to consider:
  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Service Cloud Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Azure Cloud Architect
  • Senior IT Architect
  • AWS Specialist
  • Solutions Architect

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Significance of Cloud Architect certification exam

The AWS cloud architect test is nearly tough to pass. The exam’s syllabus covers a broad spectrum of cloud computing concepts and subjects—the exam measures a candidate’s grit, intelligence, memory, brainpower, and planning abilities.

The Professional Cloud Architect certification exam measures your abilities to:

  • Create a cloud solution architecture
  • Manage and provision cloud-based solutions
  • Secure and compliant design
  • Assess and improve technical/business procedures
  • Manage cloud architecture implementations
  • Ensure solution and business reliability

Tips to pass the exam

  • Maybe this is your first job in IT, and you’re still learning the basics? The best place to begin is with this certification. There will be more new things. Get your hands dirty by going through the content and setting up a free AWS account to practice. 
  • To succeed in AWS, you’ll need to put in the effort to grasp all of the nitty-gritty details of the platform. This certification, however, maybe the most simple to get if you’ve previously experimented with cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • To pass the AWS Cloud Architect exam, a candidate must devote all of their time and effort to study.
  • Sample papers should be an essential part of the candidate’s study plan. Students should practice as much as possible before the exam.
  • Studying for the AWS Cloud Architect exam is like studying for any other examination. Benefits outweigh the time you’ll have to devote to it. Additionally, this certification will make you more marketable to possible employers, which will only help your career in the long run by making you more marketable to potential employers.
  • The candidate must commit to an intense study schedule in which they dedicate themselves fully and work hard with determination to memorize the theoretical knowledge tests on the exam.

By the way

Despite being one of the most talked-about issues in technology, many people have just a rudimentary understanding of what the cloud is and what it accomplishes. Everything from simple storage (e.g., Google Drive) to media streaming (e.g., Netflix) to high-powered data processing and analysis is now possible thanks to cloud computing.

Cloud architects are the best people on your team if you want to stay competitive in today’s market. What these professionals do is stay abreast of all that is new and changing in the rapidly-evolving field of cloud computing by staying up to date on the latest developments and best practices.