Importance of time management in classrooms

” Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.” – Thomas J. Watson. 

To accomplish our goals and objectives in the available time demands good management skills. With time management, teachers and students can complete their respective educational goals and objectives. From completing everyday duties to long-term education goals, such as good scores, ranks, big submissions, etc, teachers have to manage their time well. With time management skills other traits are also improved which are 

  • Better productivity 
  •  Enhanced Work efficiency 
  • Self-discipline 
  • Accomplishment of goals 

For effective receiving and impacting education, time management skills in the classroom are very important. Both teachers and students must possess it in this regard. Let us discuss the importance of time management in classrooms and how teachers can improve their skills in managing their time. 

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Why is time management important in class? 

  1. Time management skills enhance the productivity and working efficiency of the people. If we don’t have the skills to divide the time properly, completing all every day required tasks and work becomes difficult. Even if one work is not completed the daily cycle of routine is disturbed. To fulfill the duties of effective teaching and learning, time management in classrooms plays an important role. It makes teachers and students more productive. 
  2. Effective time management helps to develop a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. When teachers and students both are good at managing their time, they can achieve active teaching and learning. This makes them feel that they are giving the best of their abilities and also completing their duties, responsibilities as teachers and students in a classroom effectively. 
  3. School management is linked with classroom management. And discipline plays an important role in this. Time management skills help to adapt other traits such as regularity, punctuality, work effectiveness, and productivity which improves discipline in the classes as well. Disciplined classes become more successful when it comes to meeting educational goals and objectives. 
  4. Since with good time management skills, work efficiency is improved, therefore the stress level, feeling of burden, and pressure is also reduced. By using LMS portals, the teachers manage their duties well and students learn better. And because of this educational stress is a lesson for both educators and learners. 
  5. The quality of classroom teaching and learning is boosted to a great extent. When teachers have good time management skills, everyday teaching schedules, examinations, maintaining records, conducting extracurricular activities, etc, all is completed. And in the case of students, learning and responding in classrooms, submitting timely homework, etc is also improved. All these pointers show that time management skills contribute a lot to classroom learning. 

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Enhance your time management skills: 3 best tips for teachers 

  1. Proper planning and scheduling 

The way we manage our time depends on the plans and schedules we have created. Plan everyday goals that you want to achieve and later make a schedule or list of them. Whatever teachers want to complete in a classroom must be planned before its completion. When everything is planned, teachers will be able to manage their time accordingly. Without proper planning, teachers take on-the-spot decisions and activities. These spontaneous decisions can be time-consuming and can affect the active completion of all the tasks. Therefore planning is very important. 

  1. Ensure discipline in your classes 

The way students behave and act in the classrooms plays an important role in how effective teachers manage their time and activities. If students are talking in between lectures, the attention of teachers is disturbed. These disturbances act as interruptions and affect the smooth flow of teaching. School management and maintaining effective classrooms can be controlled by teachers by ensuring discipline in students. Ask them to stay quiet while you are teaching, speak up when asked, interact at the time of discussions, and complete their classwork. This can serve the purpose of enhancing the time management skills of teachers. 

  1. Strategically give homework 

Because of the limited class time, not everything can be completed in the classroom itself. To ensure that you are focusing on all the topics and not giving all the available time on one of them, giving homework and assignments can be beneficial. For example, doing a few questions in the classroom and giving similar parts for homework is a great idea. The preserved time can be used for doing other new and difficult topics. Use LMS portals to manage and maintain records, submissions of homework. 


Time management plays an important role in how effectively we are using the available time to accomplish our planned goals. The better we manage our time, the more successful we become in life. Time management in classrooms is very important to ensure active teaching and learning. The way a teacher manages everything contributes a lot to the educational process of the students. The above-mentioned three tips are very beneficial for teachers to improve their time management skills.