How 5G will affect the Mobile Phone industry in 2021

About 13 years ago, the mobile phone industry witnessed a revolution, when the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications, better known as 3G network was launched in India. It was a significant upgrade from the previously extant 2G network. Back then, it promised faster data speeds and better connectivity. 

However, compared to 4G, 3G was almost archaic. Every new generation of wireless mobile communication brings with it significant upgrades, and the new generation, which is 5G, has more hype and excitement around it than most of the other previous generations.

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This is happening for a good reason. 5G networks have already been rolled out in different countries, and they significantly reduce the latency, while providing faster data speeds and better connectivity. 

Commonly faced issues such as poor connectivity in densely-populated areas, slow internet speeds, and poor response time will be immediately addressed and eliminated by the new 5G networks. Furthermore, 5G technologies is also set to be the final piece of the IoT jigsaw puzzle, as 5G connectivity can help in creating and popularizing the IoT ecosystem, and the development of smart cities in the country.

With such immense potential, one can understand the buzz and hype around 5G technology. But how big of an impact will it have on the smartphone industry in the country? Let us dive deep into the topic, and see just how 5G technology will reshape the mobile phone landscape.

Faster Processors

When we talk about 5G mobiles, we are essentially talking about the mobile phone processors, which come with an integrated 5G modem. Chip makers including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Exynos and HiSilicon Kirin have all launched extremely impressive processors with cutting-edge technology that promise hyper-fast interest speeds, along with intelligent processing power.

This essentially translates to a better user experience, and incredible gaming and streaming experience. Because of 5G, the discussion over the next year will be about near-zero latency and instant response times, while mobile phones will deliver a better overall user experience.

Even Apple jumped on the 5G bandwagon, with the iPhone 12 series smartphones supporting 5G connectivity. With the iPhone price expected to go down even more over the next few years, and with the brand now focusing on offering affordable smartphones, it might not be entirely farfetched to expect the brand to offer 5G-enabled handsets in the mid-range segment in the not-too-distant future.

Better Smartphone Technology

5G technology will also usher in a new era of smartphone technology. 5G network’s low latency properties, and the improved download and upload data speeds will likely result in the mass adoption of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. 

The concept of augmented reality (AR) is still relatively new to Indian consumers. Most of the gaming enthusiasts who would have played games like Pokemon GO would have understood the implications and benefits extended by augmented reality and with the mass deployment of 5G networks, smartphone users in India can soon experience the true power of such technologies.

Additionally, smartphones can be used as the IoT hub to control different appliances in an interconnected smart device ecosystem, such as your smart TV, smart washing machine, smart AC, smart refrigerator, and even the lights in residential houses. 5G brings with it greater convenience and an unparalleled user experience to smartphone users.

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Better Streaming Devices

Companies like Samsung already offer cutting-edge features with their smart TVs, such as Live Cast, where you can live stream your experiences which will be displayed at home on your Samsung TV. Most of us have tried live streaming before, but have been let down by the poor internet speeds and connectivity. However, if you opt for a  5G mobile  you will face no such issues.

Most of us today rely on our smartphones to stream content, as we are constantly on the move. The larger display screens of our smartphones make it easier to have an immersive viewing experience. With 5G technology, we no longer have to sit through the painful video freezes, and the annoying buffering circle that we have become familiar with.

Furthermore, we can also live stream our experiences during concerts or gatherings, even from inside closed arenas, which wasn’t possible before. Gaming will also receive a significant boost because of 5G technology, and the gaming industry will only benefit from the wider acceptance, and adoption of 5G networks.

Smartphone brands are aware of these factors, which is why we see brands offering smartphones with incredible displays with high refresh rates. These features are expected to trickle down the price segments, with even budget smartphones soon offering immersive displays that enhance our viewing and gaming experience.

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