Why is Safe Scrum Master Training Important for Your Career? 


A Scrum Master is responsible for coordinating product development teams that use Scrum. Their job is to remove obstructions that the team might face so that they can achieve their targets and deliver products as per the requirements. Throughout a project, the Scrum Master ensures the true Scrum process. To understand the role of a Scrum Master in a SAFe enterprise, professionals need to pursue SSM certification. With SSM (SAFe Scrum Master) training, professionals can learn the Scrum Master skills that are required in the context of the entire enterprise. In traditional Scrum Master training, the focus is only on the fundamentals of team-level Scrum. With SAFe scrum master training, professionals can learn to plan and execute Program Increment, the primary enabler of alignment. 

There are many reasons to pursue the SSM certification. More than 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies employ SAFe as it is one of the most popular scaling methods. With SAFe, companies can increase productivity, improve employee management, boost quality and improve the time-to-market. With such an upsurge in the use of SAFe, the demand for certified SSM professionals has also increased. If you want to begin your career as a SAFe Scrum Master, obtaining the SSM certification is essential as it would boost your resume and make you stand out among your competitors.  

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SSM training is ideal for Scrum masters, team leads, and project managers, however, any interested professional can pursue this certification. There are no prerequisites, but it is preferred if professionals are familiar with Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile concepts and principles as well as a working knowledge of software and hardware development processes. By pursuing the SSM certification course, professionals can gain the following skills – 

  • Conflict management 
  • Resolving impediments 
  • Enabling high performance 
  • Ensuring Scrum implementation 
  • Leveraging Scrum and Kanban 
  • Training and coaching Agile teams 
  • Leading and facilitating change 
  • Supporting the execution of the program 

There are various benefits of pursuing the SAFe Scrum Master certification, including–  

  • With SSM certification, professionals can demonstrate their proficiency in SAFe as well as Scrum at the enterprise level.  
  • Certified professionals also get higher salaries as compared to their non-certified counterparts.  
  • Individuals who have SSM certification would get noticed at their job interviews or a promotion at their current workplace. With the certification, they can demonstrate their core Scrum knowledge to their employers as well as peers. 
  • They also get opportunities to network with other Agile professionals and industry leaders. 
  • After pursuing the SSM certification, professionals can also acquire the Advanced Certified SAFe Scrum Master certification and other certifications such as SAFe Program Consultant or SAFe Product Owner. 
  • Professionals also earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs after pursuing the SSM certification. Apart from this, they get a one-year membership of Scaled Agile Inc. as well as access to their Community platform. 

Hence, if you are a professional looking to expand your career across all industry sectors that have adopted Agile practices, you should pursue SSM certification and become an expert SAFe Scrum Master.  

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