How can Recoverit help to recover lost video files?


Sometimes, users face the issue that stored video files on their system has been lost. If you cannot restore deleted video files from the recycle bin or your video files, they have been lost. Many video recovery  methods are available that helps the users to get back their lost videos. So, here we will discuss how Recoverit can be beneficial in this matter. What are the major reasons behind the loss of video files, different methods to get back lost video files and how Wondershare Recoverit can step by step help to find lost video files?

Common reasons for video loss

The major reasons behind video loss are as follows:

  • Lost from computer: Sometimes video files can be deleted accidentally, and you don’t realize the file has been deleted, and you are continuously looking for video.
  • Format SD memory card or hard drive: Sometimes, a formatting error can be hard when connecting an SD card or external drive. At that time, there can be some video file loss threats or damage.
  • Improper file transfer: When you transfer file from one system to another, there are various reasons why your data get lost. Such as it is unable to find any of the storage, or you press CTRL+X while transferring that can permanently delete files.
  • Virus attack: Sometimes, video files can be deleted due to virus attacks on a computer system. Sometimes you save a video file from Internet resources that consists of a virus, and other videos can be damaged due to that file.

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Common ways to recover lost video files 

If you have faced lost video files, then the following methods can be beneficial to recover lost video files.

  • Recover from recycle bin: Recycle bin is a special folder where deleted files can be stored. So, first, check to restore your deleted file from recycle bin. For this purpose, go to recycle bin, locate the file, right-click on it, and select restore from the menu that appeared. This will restore your file at the location where you stored your file.
  • Recover from file history backup: The next method to look for your lost video files is your backup folder or application you are using for backup purposes. Many users depend upon the File history feature, whose major purpose is to back up files located in the libraries on your desktop and in the contact folders.
  • Use data recovery software: If you don’t have a backup for restoring your file, you can still recover your files. This is because permanently deleted files can remain on the storage device long after the logical links that make it possible to recover after being lost. For this purpose, some specialized software is available that helps to restore your deleted or lost files.

How to recover lost files with Recoverit?

To restore deleted files with Recoverit, just follow the given steps.

Download and install the Recoverit video recovery tool on your system, then follow the given steps to retrieve your all lost videos back.

Launch video recovery software, then select the recycle bin folder to start the recovery process.

The Recoverit program will start scanning the locations to search for your lost video files. This process can take a few minutes because it looks at the entire system storage.

After scanning, you can check all the recovered video files and preview them. Then, select the video files you were looking for and click on the Recover button to save them in a safe place.

If you are looking for deleted or lost videos, then Recoverit can provide a deep scanning option. For this purpose, click on the Advance video recovery option located at the left corner of your screen. Then, simply click on it to perform a deep scan to look for large-sized videos.

Simply wait for some time as the deep scan can take more time to splice and merge the video fragments to recover them.

The application will also display all results to preview them. For example, users can look for a specific video and select only videos for whom they are looking.

The following are some tips that can be helpful to face any lost data situation.

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  • Never save your recovered file on the source card and select other options such as a hard drive.
  • If your recovered files are corrupted, use professional data recovery tools such as Recoverit.
  • Regularly backup your important files on your memory card or other devices in case of memory corruption.


Deleted or lost video files can be recovered using various methods, but the most important is to use Recoverit video recovery software. This is the most effective solution. Recoverit can recover all types of file formats such as music files, audio, video files. Moreover, users can also preview all the files before saving them into their systems. So, it is recommended and tested software. You can rely on it without being worried about any security threats. I hope the above article will help you in recovering your lost video files.