4 Types of Real Estate Postcards and when to Best Use Them

Real estate agents who want to grab the attention of residents in a community rely on a variety of marketing techniques. 

Some realtors build an information-packed, quality website with high-tech tools to assist potential clients. Others sponsor neighborhood events or a local sports team to improve their local profile.

But one of the most inexpensive and reliable methods of getting the word out is by sending real estate postcards through the U.S. mail.

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Postcards provide more bang for the buck 

Real estate postcards can introduce a new agent to the neighborhood, highlight a new home listed for sale or one that recently sold, or even give area residents another nudge about a recently expired listing that did not sell during the listing period. Postcards can be produced in-house or realtors can contract with a vendor to save time and effort. 

Most printers of real estate postcards host full-service interactive websites that allow realtors to design postcards completely online, write their own text, upload photos and choose a specific area to target – then send the postcards to their destination via the post office. Using a real estate postcard vendor frees up time for agents to spend on other important tasks to build their business.

Using real estate postcards is a surprisingly inexpensive marketing method, as little as 75 cents per postcard, including postage. For example, that’s just $375 to send a mailing to 500 homes.

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Four of the most popular types of real estate postcards

Let’s briefly highlight the important elements of four popular types of real estate postcards:

  • Agent introduction postcards: For new agents working in a defined geographic area, an agent introduction postcard is almost mandatory. Whether an agent is operating solo or as a member of a team, there are few better, more cost-efficient ways to say “hello” and show a realtor’s smiling face to every household in a designated area than colorful, convenient postcards.
  • Just listed real estate: Earning a listing is a reason to celebrate. Realtors quickly post the listing on their website, announce it on social media and erect a “for sale” sign on the property, but then what? Waiting for the phone to ring or an email to pop into the inbox is like watching paint dry. A just-listed real estate postcard can alert a neighborhood that a nearby home has just been listed for sale, spurring interest and possible sales leads.

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  • Just sold real estate: Everyone on the block usually knows when a neighbor’s home is for sale. When the listed home eventually sells, nearby homeowners want to know how much because the sales price will likely affect their home’s value, too.

    Another version of a just sold real estate postcard is one highlighting a nearby home that just sold for the full sales price or over the asking price. This type of information could entice potential sellers who have been reluctant to list their homes for sale to take the leap.
  1. Expired listings real estate: Homes that did not sell within a specified amount of time are known as “expired listings.” Highlighting this category of homes gives them a second chance for a sale – especially when the owners lower the original asking price.

Real estate postcards are versatile and effective 

Real estate agents looking to invigorate their marketing efforts are smart to add real estate postcards to their portfolio, no matter which style of postcards they choose to mail out. Realtor postcards are versatile and effective and help agents publicize their profile and brand identity in the community.