5 Stunning Performing Arts Venues in the United States

In 2017, 54% of American adults attended a live cultural, creative, or artistic activity. An equal number of people either performed or created art during the same year. You might know that there are mental benefits to participating in creative activities, but you might not realize that arts and cultural appreciation can actually improve your … Read more

3 Reasons Small Business Owners Should Hire a Tax Expert

Business taxation is a complex thing to deal with for any business owner. Business taxes are not just about income tax and sales tax. There are various taxes that businesses need to pay each year, depending on their business entity and how they operate their business. Also, businesses need to comply with the latest taxation … Read more

5 Must-Know Golf Tips For Beginners

Are you just getting started as a golfer? Or maybe you’ve never even picked up a set of clubs but would love to. It can be a confusing time, especially if you have people around you recommending different clubs, outfits, and techniques! If you want to get off to a good start but need some … Read more

All About the University of Phoenix’s New Virtual Assistant, Phoebe™

On Thursday, July 22, University of Phoenix proudly announced its new virtual assistant, Phoebe™. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology to accommodate student inquiries, Phoebe directly aligns itself with the University’s values of flexible learning and takes remote assistance to an entirely different reality.  Phoebe is the University’s brand-new, first-of-its-kind virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence … Read more