5 Must-Know Golf Tips For Beginners

Are you just getting started as a golfer? Or maybe you’ve never even picked up a set of clubs but would love to. It can be a confusing time, especially if you have people around you recommending different clubs, outfits, and techniques!

If you want to get off to a good start but need some help with the basics, you’re in the right place!

We’re going to look at some basic golf tips so that you can walk onto the course without worrying that you look like you don’t know what you’re doing, so keep reading as we tee off!

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  1. Understand the Fundamentals

Before you even hit a golf ball, there are things that it’s important to understand so that you don’t look out of place on a golf course or at a driving range. 

The first thing you want to learn is how to grip a club. There are a few different ways to do this, but start with whatever feels most comfortable for you.

Next up is your posture, and getting this right will make your swing and connection with the ball far easier to get used to. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and with your back foot pointing straight out. Your front foot can be angled slightly, but not too much.

Your knees should be slightly bent, and the balance of weight should be 50/50 between your heels and toes.

When it comes to knowing how to swing a golf club, practice makes perfect. Once you’ve nailed the technique, keep doing it, and it’ll feel more and more natural.

  1. Understand the Physics

Don’t worry; we’re not asking you to draw angles and points of impact, but thinking through these things will help you translate it to your actual technique.

Picture where you want to hit the ball for it to rise into the air. Because of the shape of the club, you’ll want to connect with the ground rather than only the ball. Practice some slow swings to start to get some muscle memory.

You can even get help from technology like Tee Precision.

  1. Learn About Clubs and Distances

When you get onto the course, you’ll want to know what club is best for the distance the ball needs to go. Sure, a caddy can help you make this decision, but if you’re on your own, you’ll need to have a good idea.

Do a little research into what club you need for long drives, short drives, pitches, and shots from difficult positions.

  1. Practice Putting

If you can’t get the ball in the hole, you’re going to add lots of strokes to your score. This can be frustrating if you’ve played a great drive and approach, only to rack up 3-4 extra shots because you can’t sink the ball.

Practice your putting until you feel confident and comfortable from a range of distances and gradients!

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  1. Get Some Lessons

If all this seems a bit much, there’s absolutely no shame in paying for some lessons, even to help you learn the basics.

Instead of spending all your money on the best clubs, designer clothes, and shiny golf shoes, consider investing in yourself first. If you get better and fall in love with the sport, you can spend big on those things.

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These Golf Tips Will Get You Started

While the golf tips we’ve outlined here might not get you a hole-in-one on your first game (unless you have incredible beginner’s luck!), they should help you to at least get started and feel confident enough to play with friends who may be a little more experienced than you.

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