All About the University of Phoenix’s New Virtual Assistant, Phoebe™

On Thursday, July 22, University of Phoenix proudly announced its new virtual assistant, Phoebe™. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology to accommodate student inquiries, Phoebe directly aligns itself with the University’s values of flexible learning and takes remote assistance to an entirely different reality. 

Phoebe is the University’s brand-new, first-of-its-kind virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). University of Phoenix launched the virtual assistant to provide students with around-the-clock support for all things related to their education. Students can now access Phoebe 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from their student portal to receive any information pertinent to their University experience. The AI-powered virtual assistant platform exclusively belongs to University of Phoenix, and its long-anticipated release is sure to live up to the hype. 

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How Does Phoebe Work?

Phoebe is a virtual assistant designed by University of Phoenix with student needs in mind. As a digital end-to-end software process, students can access Phoebe on demand. Since University students can access their coursework at any time of the day and often fit their education into already packed schedules, the virtual assistant uses AI technology to support their distinct needs. 

With AI, Phoebe has the capability to respond to a broad spectrum of inquiries on topics such as GPA, grades, schedule adjustments and financial inquiries. Phoebe provides students with animated directions on how to access specific information on their student portal. Students looking for financial documents or credit balance statements can also get help from Phoebe. 

While the capabilities seem limitless, University of Phoenix is excited that the virtual assistant represents the start of an exciting new chapter for AI at the University. If a student asks Phoebe a question that the AI is unable to answer, the virtual assistant can reply with a list of suggested articles. Accessing these articles can help students answer their inquiry outside of Phoebe or provide the AI with more information to help it direct the student to what they need. 

For University of Phoenix students and faculty, Phoebe’s launch marks a significant accomplishment that has been years in the making. The University’s administration initially launched the AI-powered virtual assistant as a pilot to 4,000 students. This helped the University continue tailoring the AI to the student body’s specific needs and ensure that the long-awaited release would exceed expectations. 

The Impact of Accessibility at University of Phoenix

Since University of Phoenix has built a premier reputation for flexible online learning that empowers students to pursue their education with flexibility needed for their busy lives, it is no surprise that they continue to pave the way in online education via the Phoebe launch. Chris Herring, director of Student Services Strategy and Operations for University of Phoenix confirms that the University’s “focus is on making the educational process as seamless and as simple as possible for our students,” considering the significant proportion of non-traditional adult learners. 

Herring is confident that Phoebe is only the beginning for AI technology at University of Phoenix. Herring affirmed that he and his team “designed Phoebe with the University of Phoenix student in mind. The artificial intelligence in Phoebe will continue to evolve with our students as new information is processed and developed by the tool.” 

When announcing the launch, Herring explained that “Phoebe is just the latest example of our commitment to student success.” Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix opened its doors to break down barriers that students face when enrolling in a higher education program. For non-traditional adult learners, those obstacles can make or break whether a student finishes their program. As a result, the University became one of the first post-secondary institutions to offer accredited degree programs exclusively online. By offering students the opportunity to earn their degrees at home, University of Phoenix continued to set the standard of what educational providers should commit to achieving in order to empower student success. 

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is dedicated to empowering working adults and non-traditional learners to earn an education without sacrificing their pre-existing commitments. The University offers flexible scheduling, relevant coursework and interactive learning modules for students returning to the classroom while balancing employment and families. In total, University of Phoenix offers over 100 online programs that can help prepare students for over 300 career paths in a rapidly changing global economy. 

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