Where to Find the Hottest Up-and-Coming Comedians in 2022  

Nowadays we could all do with a good chuckle or two.

Laughing has a myriad of physical and mental health benefits, it provides an escape from the everyday, and it’s a way to make connections with others.

That’s why comedians are so important.

People like Punkie Johnson will have you cracking up and forgetting about your troubles. Comedy shows are a great way to spend a night out and support talented people.

But how do you find the best comedians to see live, or to even hire for an event of your own?

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Use social media for more than doom scrolling.

The next time you find yourself endlessly swiping up on TikTok, take a moment to consider that you can use that – and platforms like Instagram and Facebook – as a search engine.

Hashtags are a great way to find comedians and those who perform a particular type of humor.

The more posts you see about a person, the more likely it is they are on the rise in their career and being noticed by the comedy community.

Check out their pages to learn what they’re all about, and watch posts from other people to see them through an audience member’s eyes.

Take a look at local venues.

Any good local venue will have an entertainment line-up that runs the gamut. Among the live bands and theater shows you will likely find acts like comedians.

Take a look at local schedules to see where comedians are appearing.

You may find that there are venues dedicated solely to comedy who are booking today’s hottest acts.

Get to a show.

At a comedy show you will find like-minded people who revel in the laughter. This could lead to conversations about other comedians on the scene, recommendations of who to watch out for or who is playing at an event coming up.

You might even find yourself in conversation with the venue’s booker to see if he or she has an idea of who is on the rise and can be contacted for hiring to play an event.

Turn to TV.

Reality television has been a part of society for decades now, and there are some shows who showcase comedians exclusively.

Entertainment like Last Comic Standing is one such show that throws the spotlight on people trying to get their career off the ground, often becoming the catalyst that pushes them to fame.

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Find them at a festival.

Festivals are great events because they are often a patchwork of entertainment meant to draw in a specific type of crowd.

Among the musical acts you can often find comedians, many of which have a bigger name because the event organizer is going for a bigger crowd draw.

Google it.

When all else fails, hit the search button.

There are many things that come up upon looking at “comedians for hire” or “popular comedians.”

You can find thoroughly researched lists of talent agencies who want you to book their best people.