When Is It Necessary to Delete Pages from Your PDF File?

It’s funny, but you don’t see many people complaining about how difficult it can be to remove certain pages from a particular PDF file. This could be because once your document has been saved as a PDF, no one expects you to delete any pages from that document. It’s fixed in stone in many people’s minds that a PDF document is permanently in that form.

But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time!

Situations Where You Need to Delete PDF Pages

When you aim to delete pages from PDF files, there is probably a definite need for it. For instance, you may have written the document that is now a PDF, but you only need a few pages from the document. So, you have to find a way to extract unnecessary pages before you can proceed.

One real situation that can crop up is that your PDF document may become quite controversial, such as when it is needed in a legal proceeding in a court of law. So, you might have to remove certain “offensive” pages first so that the court will decide favorably on the document’s validity.

There might also be pages within the document that are obsolete so you want to leave them out and keep the relevant pages only. This happens to scientists and researchers in many fields because they are always trying to prove or disprove some theoretical assumptions. If you were the one who wrote the initial PDF document, you would want to contribute those pages that are still scientifically sound to the research project.

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A related situation is when doctors are asked to prepare a speech or presentation in a medical conference before an audience of their peers. There might be pages within the speech or presentation that are invalid, too sensitive to broadcast or violate some norms of the community that will be reading or hearing about it. A conscientious doctor would ensure that the speech or presentation will give the information needed without overstepping some ethical boundaries.

How Students Would Benefit From Deleting PDF Pages

It isn’t just professionals who would find it helpful to delete specific pages from a PDF. Students need this kind of service all the time. 

For example, the student may have been asked by an instructor to submit a research paper with sufficient literature to back up the paper’s claims. This doesn’t mean the student needs to submit a voluminous PDF document along with the research paper. To comply, the student needs to get certain pages from the PDF and make these into a brand-new stand-alone PDF to support his research paper’s claims.

There are also occasions when the student is asked to go through some references from a certain publication to prepare for an exam. The student doesn’t need all the pages in the publication so he would just have to extract unnecessary pages and retain the rest. The remaining pages can then be combined to make a brand new PDF that is handy enough to help him review for the exam. (This also makes it easier to give away the PDF notes since they are already organized).

It is equally possible that the student may be doing his OJT (on-the-job training) in the office of a particular executive. The executive could ask the student to prepare the notes for a company meeting as part of his tasks. Rather than combine all the executive’s notes (which would be cumbersome), the student could just remove the pages that were already acted on and retain those pertinent notes as a brand new PDF document.

Questions That May Crop Up About the Cloud Service

What Is Its Cloud Service?

PDFBear.com is the “cloud service” that runs the tool that will delete pages from PDF. It is a website that you subscribe to for a certain duration of time to render tasks for you. It is called a “cloud service” which refers to the “cloud” or online world where you can enter if you have a stable Internet signal.

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Is It Safe to Use PDFBear.com?

PDFBear.com takes pride in providing a very secure cloud service. If you do use their tool to delete PDF pages, the website will count to 60 minutes, then delete everything you left on its site. That way, nothing you deleted will fall into the wrong hands. The new PDF you then created afterward will also be deleted after that duration of time.


You may have discovered this new cloud service just recently. If you are nervous about trying it out with an important document, why not conduct a test run first? You can use a PDF that is no longer needed for that trial. If all goes well, you will then know that you don’t have to suffer anymore when there is a PDF to extract pages from. Just use the PDFBear.com tool right away