How Screen Recording Can Save Kids Form Online Threats?

The online world has become a wild best for young children over the last decade. Cellphone addicts teens are more likely to encounter online predators by work time tracker using social messaging apps installed on cellphone devices. Cellphone and social media collectively are very dangerous for teens. The activity of the teens sending and receiving messages, phone calls, audio, and video calls, and multimedia sharing can put teens into a real deal of troubles. Therefore, parents are reluctant to know what kids used to do on their digital phones using a screen recording app.

What Is A Screen Recorder?

The name suggests that it is a kind of software that empowers you to record anything on the phone’s screen. Cellphone devices offer built-in screen recording features, but it is not as effective as the real application.

You need to install a live screen recording that is one of the best tools for cellphone monitoring software. You can install the application on the target device and get access to the web control panel where you can get your hands on the screen recording tool.

You can activate on the target device, and it will start capturing the screen in real-time and send the recorded back-to-back videos to the online web control panel where you can get access to watch all the recorded videos.

Apart from the under discussion state of the art tool, you can use several other features to record phone calls, read messages, GPS tracker, social media logs, screenshots, and keystrokes. You can use it to track and record the activities performed on the phone. For details, you can do a live chat with its customer service team.


It is compatible with several mobile phone brands, but it supports android OS. You can use it up to OS version 10 and above devices. It works secretly on the target phone, and you can perform screen recording without the target person knowing.

How To Install Live Screen Recording Software?

Do you want to know what your kids or employees are doing on the digital phones connected to the internet? Are you trying to make sure teens and business safety? All you need to do is visit the official webpage of the cellphone tracking software and get the subscription. You will receive a password and ID through an email. You can log in to your email account and get your hands on the credentials. Now you can get access to the target device and start the process of installation. From the time you complete the process of installation and to the time you activate it on the target device, it only takes a few minutes. Now you can use password and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on plenty of features, including a screen recorder for cellphone. However, you can use plenty of other features to monitor, record, and track cellphone devices to the fullest.

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Use Cellphone Monitoring App Features To Protect Kids

Screen Recording

You can get access to the cellphone surveillance app online dashboard where you need to activate the live screen recorder app. It enables you to record back to back videos of the screen and send the recorded videos to the dashboard. You can log in to the dashboard to get your hands on the live recorded videos and get to know what is happening on the screen. It empowers you to understand what kids and teens are doing on their cellphone screens in real-time, and you can protect your kids to the fullest.


You can remotely capture screenshots on the target cellphone device of children to know what kids are doing on the cellphone device. You can schedule several screenshots at once on the target device and capture screenshots uploaded to the online dashboard.

Call Recording

You can record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls using the secret call recorder app. Users can save the data on the web control panel.

Keystrokes Logger

You can get access to the applied keystrokes on target cellphones such as passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

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The live screen recording app is the best tool for parents to keep an eye on cellphone screen activities to protect kids from online threats.



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