What Is A Pareo?

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Are you planning a beach vacation and wondering what to wear? Have you heard of a “pareo” and are curious about what it is? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore what a pareo is, its history, and how to wear it.

What Is A Pareo?

A pareo is a large rectangular piece of cloth that is often used as a cover-up at the beach or pool. It is also known as a sarong, a lava-lava, or a kanga. The fabric is usually lightweight and made of cotton, rayon, or silk. Pareos are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, from solid colors to tropical prints.

History Of Pareo

Pareos have been a part of Pacific Islander culture for centuries. They were traditionally worn by both men and women as a skirt or loincloth. The word “pareo” comes from the Tahitian language, meaning “wraparound skirt.” Today, pareos are worn all over the world as a versatile piece of beachwear.

How To Wear A Pareo?

There are many ways to wear a pareo, depending on your style and comfort level. Here are three common ways to wear a pareo:

  • Skirt: Hold the pareo at your waist and wrap it around your body. Tie a knot at your hip or waist to secure it in place.
  • Halter Dress: Hold the pareo behind your back, with the top edge at the base of your neck. Bring the corners of the pareo around to the front of your body and tie them behind your neck.
  • Strapless Dress: Hold the pareo horizontally and wrap it around your body, just under your arms. Tie the corners behind your back to create a strapless dress.

Pareos can also be used as a scarf, a beach blanket, or even as a head wrap.

Why You Should Wear A Pareo?

Pareos are a fashionable and practical piece of beachwear. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them perfect for travel. Pareos can also be worn in a variety of ways, making them a versatile addition to your vacation wardrobe. Plus, they provide coverage from the sun while still allowing you to feel the ocean breeze on your skin.


In conclusion, a pareo is a versatile and fashionable piece of beachwear that has been a part of Pacific Islander culture for centuries. Whether you wear it as a skirt, a dress, or a scarf, a pareo is a must-have item for your next beach vacation. So, go ahead and add a pareo to your packing list, and get ready to hit the beach in style!

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What Is The Difference Between A Pareo And A Sarong?

The origin of the sarong and pareo is the main differentiation, as both types of clothing can be worn as a wraparound skirt or encase the whole body and cover the chest as well. The sarong is typically worn and embraced in Southeast Asia. Whereas, the pareo originated in Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoan cultures.

How Big Is A Pareo?

To make a pareo (pronounced pah-RAY-o, according to the Tahitian Tourist Board) select 1 1/2 to two yards of colorful cotton fabric. Choose a fabric that’s 45- to 60-inches wide. The taller you are, the wider you’ll want the fabric as the width will become your dress or skirt length.

What Kind Of Fabric Do You Use For A Pareo?

It usually involves the weaving of twisted, short linen or cotton fibres. These fibres are typically raw i.e., neither dyed nor bleached. Since its introduction, cambric has been used to make garments and other items suitable for lightweight materials such as Pareo/Sarong from Scafos.

How Do You Wear A Pareo At The Beach?

Tightly wrap one side of the pareo around the hips and then wrap the other side around tucking the end into the waist. Wrap the pareo around your back. Take the ends and cross it across your chest and tie them at the back of your neck.


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