From Fat to Fit: Fun and Interesting Ways to Lose Weight

Being overweight was virtually unheard of for thousands of years. Only the rich and powerful had access to the quantity and quality of food required to pack on the pounds while also maintaining the sedentary lifestyle conducive to gaining weight.

Then the industrial revolution happened. Food processing took off. In an effort to prolong the shelf life of various foods, producers packed them in salt and sugar. Over time, a wide variety of processed foods began to contain high levels of fat, salt, and sugar. Meanwhile, the typical citizens of developed countries started living increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

As most people know, the result has been an obesity epidemic happening worldwide. Making matters worse is the unfortunate but scientifically understandable truth that weight is harder to lose than it is to gain. Combined with the negative sentiment most folks have regarding exercise, it’s easy to see how obesity rates are at an all-time high.

The good news is that we have many options when it comes to losing weight. Ranging from old-fashioned fitness to advanced surgical procedures, the best weight loss options tend to be those we can stick to over time. As a result, most people looking to lose weight need to find something they enjoy doing.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at several fun and interesting ways to lose weight:


Anyone who’s ever danced the night away knows they end up feeling spent by the end. That’s because dancing is an acrobatic and athletic activity that burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. With this in mind, those looking for a fun way to lose weight should consider dancing as a possible option. Whether it’s joining a dance class, heading to the dance hall, or simply setting up a dance floor in the living room, boogying down could be the weight loss method you’ve been waiting for.


Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you daydream about enjoying the great outdoors? Could you also stand to lose a few pounds but have been putting it off because you hate exercise? If so, hiking could be the ideal solution. Even if you don’t live in a place like Colorado, chances are there are several trails within 20 miles of where you live, each with varying degrees of distance and difficulty. It goes without saying that longer trails with multiple inclines offer the best workout experience for hikers, but those giving hiking a try for the first time should start off with relatively short and level trails like those found in most city parks.

Getting a fitness credit card

Yes, you read that correctly: you can use a credit card with rewards tied to fitness. A credit card for fitness works by offering cash back on eligible health and wellness purchases, including up to $429 in weekly statement credits with the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 7. From there, cardholders can sync their Apple Watch to their credit card to earn rewards for meeting their weekly activity goals.

Playing sports

There are dozens of amateur sports leagues currently active in cities worldwide. Whether it’s soccer or softball, any organized sport requiring running and other physical activity can be an exciting way for people to lose weight while having fun at the same time.


You might be thinking: “I’m a lover, not a fighter. Kickboxing isn’t for me.” and you might be right. But like most martial arts, kickboxing only becomes violent and dangerous at the upper levels of competition. Otherwise, it’s a fun and exciting fitness activity involving tons of cardio.

We live in a time when being overweight is more common than ever. While losing weight may seem insurmountable to those who hate exercise, the truth is there are many fun and exciting activities that translate to weight loss. You just need to give them a try until you find one you enjoy!

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys writing about business, finance, health, and travel.