Types of Promotional Corporate Gifts 

There is a huge variety of options available in corporate gifting. You can shop the gifts online as well as offline. Making sure the corporate gifts include the company promotion is the basic idea behind promotional corporate gifting. To represent the company and spread the word about your brand, is a great strategy. 

There are various types of options that may be used for promotional gifting based on the need of the company. Customised mugs with a printed logo and Polo tee printing are some strategic gift types that could go a long way for the promotion of the brand. Today, we shall discuss the types of gifts which brands should use as promotional corporate gifts. 

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Types of Promotional Corporate gifts 

Mugs, bags, umbrellas, pens, t-shirts and polo tee printing are used for promotional gifting. Listed below are some more items that could best serve the interests of corporate gifting. 

Travel bags 

Travel commodities are the best way to promote your brand far and wide. Not only does it fulfil the needs of employees for the time of some travel, saving their expenses, it also helps in the brand awareness among the public. A travel kit with necessary accessories or a  travel bag printed with the company logo goes a long way. 


Clothes are the basic amenities for routine use. A brand logo printed clothing would go a long way especially if it is a blazer or a suit to be worn on high-profile events. It acts as a promotional item wherever the attire is worn. There are several websites that offer customised printing services for the companies to print brand names and logos. 


Gifting stationery customised with the company name could promote the brand in a great way.  Custom stationery with printed logos is easily available. It provides a sense of belonging to the employee. This provides a sense of working better for the brand. Further, it also spreads the word to others to inquire about the company.

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Gym wear 

In the present era, awareness about fitness has been on trend. Every individual aspires to be fit today and so to encourage this, brands could encourage this by gifting fitness accessories. 

For gym enthusiasts, gym wear, water sippers, and hand gloves are some great gifting options.  This could generate instant attention among fitness enthusiasts. Printing brand logos on these accessories is a great way to do so. It helps in effective brand marketing.  


Brand promotion through gifts is a common strategy in the corporate sector. The gifts act as a personalized gesture towards the employees for their good work. This serves two purposes. To encourage the workers to do better and brand promotion. It also works as a reasonable advertisement strategy for the brand. For instance, this strategy could work wonders for a local brand that needs to generate brand awareness in the market. It is important here to note that too much information on the product could create a clutter, creating an anti-effect.