Finding a Gun Safe Under 100

With everything happening in the world, the importance of storing our firearms properly has never been more important.  While we can tell our families, particularly our small children, not to touch them…well, it does not always work out that way.  Protecting ourselves and our families should be your motivation for looking for something like a gun safe.

There are some basic principles to remember when deciding how to store yours, however.  The first thing is that it should be difficult to access for anyone you do not want to even potentially grab it.  How you decide to do this is up to you at the end of the day, but I’ll give you some potential options.

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Secure Storage Options

Before we get in depth with this topic, let us discuss some of the things about handling firearms correctly.  Even if you are certain it is not loaded, you should approach all of them as if you know there is ammunition inside.  Additionally, never point it at yourself or someone else.  Keep it turned away from all people – preferably at the floor.

Learning how to properly care for and utilize your weapon is key.  Now that we have covered those bases, let us consider some storage options.  It will be up to you to determine what you consider “adequate.”

One such are gun cases or safes.  You might consider cheap gun safes by GSC, as just one example.   A strong box like this could have several layers of security, like a lock and a combination.  Some even have fingerprint recognition.  This can stop it from being stolen or accessed by a curious kid.

Something nice about this method is that you do not have to purchase one specifically designed for this purpose.  One that locks away any sort of valuable is sufficient in most cases.  What to remember is that you select one with enough space for your needs.  This is how you can find one for a more affordable price, though.

Just make sure that whatever you decide, it will be fireproof and waterproof.  Otherwise, your weapon might get damaged inside.  No one wants that.

Another option is trigger locks, though they are a bit less safe than the previous solution.  They should absolutely never be added to one that is loaded because they interact with the trigger.  It would be dangerous to use this if there is ammunition within.

While the weapon cannot be fired with one, this will not stop it from being stolen.  Also, unwanted users could still get access to it and end up removing the trigger or lock that you have used in some cases.  While they are often included in the packaging for your gun when you purchase them, finding additional safety is probably a good idea.

If you go with this option though, the cable and lock should always be outside of trigger guard.  Then, push the cable into your lock and turn the key until you know that it is secure.  As far as the key goes, do not place it close to the case or give any hints that it can be used to access the dangerous item.

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As you consider your options, you should remember some guidelines like these ones:  While the weapon itself should be locked away, you should also do this with your ammunition.  Bullets should not be easily accessible.

While you might not think they are as dangerous as having access to the gun itself, they certainly can be.  Especially if a child who finds bullets can get their hands on a weapon as well.  This is just one reason to store it properly as well.

The safe handling of these items is something that all owners need to be concerned with.  Even if you do not live with children and are alone, your gun should not be left out in the open.  A visitor could be endangered, as just one possibility if you don’t store properly. You should click here to see some presses that can also be very beneficial regarding reloading and hosting your weapons.

Additionally, theft can and does happen.  Preventing this with a safe is just one way to do it, but one of the most viable ones.  Consider my tips on finding one for an affordable price and keep your firearm from being taken!