Type of Truck Accidents in California

Road safety is a priority for all stakeholders in the industry. Since there are different kinds of road users, everyone must drive safely and observe the traffic rules. In California, numerous trucks are on the road getting into or passing through the State, which poses a risk to other motorists.

Commercial trucks differ in size and shape depending on their use. Some trucks haul cargo, making it challenging for drivers to see other motorists while dumping trucks have excess loads that can fall on other vehicles driving near them. Flatbed truckers remain open for carrying cargo, which can extend away from the car, posing accident risks to other road users. Tankers are at high risk for accidents as they take flammable products, while tow truck drivers may not have adequate training to operate them.

Trucks are known to cause some of the most fatal road accidents, and it is essential to be careful when driving their route. Here are some common types of truck accidents in Pasadena;

Jackknife Accident

It is probably the fatal type of truck accident, which occurs when a driver tries to stock the vehicle abruptly. Due to the load it carries, the trailer might exert pressure on the area joining the truck, which causes it to be lifted because of the resistance from braking. The trailer and trucker form a V shape, and the parts will likely disintegrate. The accident was very destructive, and the ejected themload had force and would travel at the vehicle’s initial speed. It will cause devastating damage to anything it hits, and the harm can reach extensive places.

Some causes of jackknife accidents are overspeeding, taking sharp curves, instant braking, and unfavorable weather conditions.

Tire Bursts

Like any automobile, trucks can experience tire bursts while on the road, which can cause the vehicle to swerve in any direction. Drivers find it challenging to control the car at high speed, and it is likely to overturn in the process. Tire bursts pose a risk to other motorists, passengers, drivers, and what is in the surroundings. Although tire bursts are unpredictable, driving at recommended speeds can limit the impact during an accident.

Blindspot Accidents

Truck drivers have blindspots, making it challenging to see other road users and pose a risk when changing lanes. Failure to see other vehicles will cause them to hit other road users or push their cars out of the road. It would be best not to drive close to truckers to avoid being invisible to the drivers and getting into an accident.

Underride Accidents

Driving close to trailers isnt advisable as small cars can ram into the underside of trucks when the driver brakes abruptly. Undertide accidents are comon on California roads and are one of the most devastating ones due to high fatalities.

Head on Collisions

It is an accident where a truck collides with another vehicle moving in the opposite direction. Some common causes could be overspeeding and trucks swerving away from their lane.

Finally, knowing the causes of road accidents helps improve safety as you know the risk factors that can help avoid them.