Beluga and Osetra caviar: What is the difference?

Gourmets never stop looking for new ways to pamper their taste buds. That’s why they search for stores where they can buy osetra caviar. Fortunately, there are no problems. However, before ordering a unique dish, it is worth knowing its features and benefits better.

Today, osetra caviar vs beluga are the main competitors fighting for the favor of gourmets. Delicacies differ in several characteristics, but gourmets emphasize the taste. Differences affect the choice, so you need to note each of them. It’s easy to learn about the features of the offered products: check out the information below.

Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar is one of the most popular but exclusive delicacies. The reputation of this unique dish can be explained by the fact that growing up the fish takes a long time. It is difficult to wait for its completion, as it takes more than 18 years. In addition, other product features also affect the level of demand:

  1. A complicated harvesting process. The eggs are unstable, so you must be careful and delicate when harvesting.
  2. Taste qualities. It is difficult to answer the question of what is beluga caviar. The taste is revealed gradually. Unique nutty and creamy notes and a bright aftertaste are the product’s main advantages.
  3. Availability. Finding products is quite tricky, as the manufacturing process requires special attention. With this in mind, manufacturers set prices that are not budget-friendly.

Several features will help you distinguish the product from other options. The large size of the eggs is the hallmark of the delicacy.

What is beluga hybrid caviar?

This delicacy was created by crossing sturgeon fish Huso and Acipenser Baerii. As a result, the producers managed to make a new gourmet offer. The recognizable taste of beluga caviar remains unchanged, as does its delicate soft texture. The product is highly valued for these features.

Crossing the two species allowed us to ensure high quality in a shorter period. The decision to abandon beluga fishing was made back in 2005. The question of what is beluga hybrid caviar worries many gourmets. The answer is simple: only the ripening time has changed.

Osetra Caviar

It is much easier to taste sturgeon caviar. The reason for this is that the maturation period of the fish is shortened. No special care is required to make the product, as the eggs are more complex than others. The list of unique characteristics includes:

  • taste – nutty and fruity flavor with moderate saltiness;
  • color – eggs are light to dark brown;
  • texture – the density of the eggs and a more pronounced aftertaste attract gourmets.

It is not easy to know what is osetra caviar without tasting it. The differences between the two luxury products are noticed after the first spoonful. You can compare popular varieties thanks to the availability of sets that include beluga and sturgeon eggs.

The main differences between these exquisite delicacies

The distinction between delicacies is entirely conditional. Some of the features that are easier to explain are:

  1. The texture of the eggs. Beluga caviar is characterized by its melting in the mouth. Soft and fragile eggs burst quickly and give off their flavor. Unlike the previous one, Sturgeon caviar has a denser texture and a pronounced taste.
  2. The color of the eggs. Sturgeon caviar is distinguished by its color palette. The product has a light brown and rich color. Beluga eggs, on the other hand, are light gray and occasionally black.
  3. Taste. The nutty and fruity flavor and a slight aftertaste of the salt sea are features of sturgeon caviar. The taste is pronounced, and the other sides are revealed gradually. As for beluga caviar, it has won the hearts of its fans with its nutty and creamy flavor. The eggs melt in your mouth immediately, and the soft aftertaste remains.

To feel the difference between beluga and osetra caviar, you should try delicious snacks with each of them.


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