Three features found in great shift management software.

Implementing an automated shift management software package for staff rostering provides many advantages to your business.  Shift management software which you can incorporate with outsourced resource scheduling using Outlook Calendars takes charge of all your employee scheduling needs, reducing the time taken to manually arrange shifts or rearrange shift workers and co-ordinates multiple rosters and working hours with payment schedules. Automated scheduling reduces both overstaffing and understaffing, providing accurate forecasting and data based rostering.  Absentees or late arrivals are immediately apparent and can be actioned. Records are secure and can be updated instantly and integrated with payroll software while visual representations of attendance summaries, timesheet authorisations and pay period breakdowns make the software simple to use for both employees and workers. 

Businesses who have adopted shift management software report a happier workforce, less fatigue and workers who have the confidence to turn up to work knowing each shift will be properly staffed. 

The best shift management software will have a range of features designed to make your employee scheduling easy and accurate.  Look out for these three essential features when making your purchase. 

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  • Adaptable to your business 

Shift management software like Humanforce stands out by having the agility to cope with shifting situations, changing staff rosters and employee movement. Your employee scheduler can quickly and easily set up the software around the company’s own rules, work periods and staffing levels, ensuring that all shifts are staffed appropriately, including across branch locations. 

Mobile apps allow shift workers and managers to have instant access to the scheduling software, enabling them to check rosters, make changes and take action in advance of staffing issues occurring. 

Staff can use the software to organise their own replacements when they need to change shifts. Visual displays of who is available, shift offers launched and a messaging channel which allows arrangements to be made without time-consuming phone calls. 

  • Payroll Integration

The most effective shift management software can integrate with your existing payroll software, providing an end to end solution.  You should seek employee scheduling software that will seamlessly synchronise pay levels with hours worked, plus capturing key employee data including superannuation and tax file numbers. Ensure your scheduling software has mobile app capability that allows immediate access to payroll and attendance data.

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  • Attendance and time tracking

Scheduling software offers the ability to track labour hours against the company budget in real time, enabling you to allocate specific costs to each centre. Great shift management software also provides options for clocking on including mobile clocking or kiosks, operating via hand or facial recognition.  Leave and sick pay can be planned within the system, with policies accessible for employees.  

The AI system maintains records securely and can ensure compliance of industry regulations. Wage accuracy is also more reliable with an automated system.  

The benefits of shift management software are extensive, transforming businesses by streamlining shift scheduling, ensuring accurate timesheets and pay, and allowing employer centred roster arrangements.  Arrange a free demo to see how scheduling software can improve the staff rostering system at your firm. 

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