Our top 5 app choices that you can use to track your health goals

Like any other person, you probably have some fitness goals set this year. Whether losing weight or exercising more and meeting your health targets, everyone has their plan. Lately, there has been a steep rise in health and wellness apps. It gets difficult to maintain healthy habits. But these apps keep you motivated and help you stick to your healthy habits. Anyway, we lack vigorous activities in our daily life. The good news is these apps can help you keep track of your business goals and save all of your progress. We have listed five apps that will help you become fit in no time. 

  • MyFitnessPal

Many people will aim to lose weight, and they can achieve it by cutting down calories and controlling portion sizes. MyFitnessPal is a top choice for calorie counting. It can count your calories and diet with a database of more than 2 million types of food. The app can save calories, scan the barcode on food packaging and track the nutritional value of the food you have eaten. You can even import or log your favorite recipes.

Moreover, it summarizes your daily nutritional intake and weight to create a motivational report. MyFitnessPal has a free version, but you can subscribe to its premium version. But it is entirely possible to keep up with your fitness goals without it being heavy on the pocket. You can go to 1337x and download the premium version for free!

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  • Nike Training Club

If you are eager to tone your body down to a better shape and not just lose weight or keep it in check, Nike Training Club is perfect for you. Nike Training Club serves as a personal trainer with detailed instructions and audio support. It has an extensive library of workouts designed to build your strength and cardio endurance with visual cues and audios to help you through the training. 

Small but intense 15 to 45 minutes sessions of workouts are available and accessible for users. One of the best features of this app is the different functional levels of exercise. There are workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced level workouts- something for everyone. Nike Training Club offers a great mix of bodyweight exercise and equipment-based activities for the sole purpose of training at home without or with some essential equipment. 

  • Headspace

Overall health is not always limited to just physical health or proper diet. Mental health is also a part of your overall health. It is essential to keep an eye on your mental health. If you are working out while being stressed, the result is not very fruitful. If you are very stressed and overwhelmed, you can benefit from mindfulness exercises in apps like Headspace. Headspace helps you relax for a while and achieve a calm state with hundreds of mindfulness exercises. The app will help you learn how to focus on breathing and unwind after a long day with guided meditations with the Headspace. Thanks to Headspace’s specially-designed sleep meditations, users can also regulate and work on their sleep habits. These sleep meditations help you fall asleep faster and get proper rest. 

  • Runkeeper

If you are into running and tracking how many miles you have finished or follow how much pace you have picked up, Runkeeper can be a good option for you. Runkeeper keeps track of all your running stats: speed, distance covered, time taken, and even heart rate. You can deliberately improve your performance and set goals by viewing a detailed history of your runs. The app has a reminder feature that lets you know when it’s time for your workout and notifies you when you hit your personal best or reach certain milestones. This app comes with a simple interface and a strong community of fellow runners. 

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  • MySwimPro

MySwimPro is a perfect fit for swimmers. If you are looking to upgrade your cardio workout for lower impact or are just an avid swimmer who likes to keep track of their progress, MySwimPro can benefit them. MySwimPro helps users to plan custom workouts and choose from personalized training plans. It is designed to offer instructional videos to allow swimmers to improve their stroke technique. Even better, it pairs with the Apple Watch, Garmin, Google wearables, Fitbit, and Strava. So it is easier to store all the stats of your progress till now. 


Apart from these 5 apps mentioned above, there are plenty of apps that can motivate you to keep up with your personal fitness goals. These apps come extremely handy for techies and business owners who often have to work long hours glued to one place for a very considerable amount of time. The good news is there is no shortage of fitness and wellness apps in the market. If you mean to achieve your personal fitness goals, you should do a little research and install the app that fits your needs properly. 

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