The Perfect Corporate Gifts

The end of the year is approaching and so the holidays are upon us. The perfect time to show your business contacts your appreciation with a nice business gift. So what are the best end-of-year gifts? In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas. 

When choosing an end-of-year gift for your business contacts, the most important thing to consider is that the gift suits the recipient. Segment the type of recipient and determine to what extent they are important to you, and then purchase suitable gifts within a chosen price range. Try to make the gift as personal as possible. This can be done by catering to your relation’s individual preferences, should you be aware of them. This can be done, for instance, through a personalized gift, name tag or inscription. In this way, the possible drudgery of giving a Christmas or end-of-year gift will disappear and it will not become a ‘giving for the sake of giving’ opportunity, but rather a valuable token of appreciation.

Office gadgets

Since corporate gifts are usually meant for work-related contacts, it is a fun idea to give them gadgets for the office. Take a look online to see what gadgets are out there. It is also a nice idea to personalize stuff. For example, you can print a mouse pad (muismat bedrukken in Dutch) with a personalized text or logo. You can get this and many other personalized office items such as notebooks printed at drukbedrijf.

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Wine gift box Bordeaux

A well-known and common business gift is a bottle of wine. This corporate gift might be a bit cliché, but you can already make it more special by adding something extra. For example, extra accessories such as a corkscrew, ring, stopper and pouring spout make this relatively standard gift more valuable. Optionally, an inscription with the recipient’s name can also be made in the wine gift box, or a card with a personal note.

Bath set with bath products

A gift set with relaxing bath products do especially well with a female target group. However, we should certainly not generalize this, because men can also have a great time with a luxurious bath set. This bath set by Seasons is beautifully packaged in a wooden gift box.

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Remains a topper as a corporate gift with any target group. An umbrella with your logo not only stands out on the streets but also always comes in handy. Umbrellas are highly functional business gifts and are therefore often given as end-of-year gifts. Everyone can use them. Customers and staff alike.