The Best Place to Buy Harley Parts Online

The internet has opened opportunities to find the parts and gear you want to ride authentically. If you’re buying OEM parts, you want to buy from Harley-Davidson or an authorized retailer to make sure you’re getting official parts that come with a warranty. 2Wheel has a huge inventory of Harley Davidson aftermarket parts that fit your bike. Always shop at a reputable store that has guarantees, warranties and a return policy where you feel secure in getting high-quality parts.

How to Identify Authentic Harley Gear?

Counterfeits are a big industry. They don’t have the same quality as the original. Although you can look for the Harley-Davidson®, many counterfeits will have the trademark sign on their design. The only way to know you’re getting official Harley-Davidson gear is to buy directly from Harley-Davidson or from an authorized dealer. If you’re getting a “deal” on Harley gear, it’s probably not authentic. One way to start to identify authentic gear from counterfeits is to feel the originals. Shop in Harley stores. Ask friends to show you their authentic equipment. Learn the difference.

Authentic Harley gear will feel different than the counterfeits. From a distance, you may not be able to tell a fake, but once you get up close, it’s easy to notice the differences between cruiser jackets. Leather has a premium feel that you know will protect you in a fall. Other textiles used in the product should feel sturdy and tough. Look at the stitching and the details. Authentic Harley gear will look perfect. There are no imperfects, no loose strings, or no dropped stitches. Always pay attention to the price. If you’re only paying a few dollars for something that should retail for hundreds of dollars, you’re probably buying a fake.

Certified gear comes with pamphlets, labels and tags to explain warranties and certifications. If those things are missing, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Don’t let the retailer try to explain it away. Those labels and tags are important to the company because they explain why the equipment is superior and covers their legal aspects.

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What are Fair Prices for Harley Parts?

High-quality motorcycle parts are worth the money you pay. Motorcycle gear made by Harley is worth the price. Harley parts and gear are more than the trademark. Years of design and engineering have gone into the product to make sure it is safe and effective. You can identify fair pricing by shopping around and looking for similar pricing for the same product.

Why You Should Buy Certified Gear

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. If you take a spill on asphalt, you’re risking more than your bike. Every part of your body that touches the ground could be severely injured. Certified gear that comes from high-quality manufacturers will protect you. Spending money on protective gear and high-quality parts makes it more likely that you’ll be able to keep riding for years, even if you have an accident.

If you’re shopping for Harley Davidson FLH Hydra-Glide aftermarket parts, make sure to get them from an authorized dealer with excellent customer service. 

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