iPhone video tips to use for your next social media video

Over the years, smartphone cameras have evolved to a point where they’re competing with high-end cameras. The question of whether one should prefer the iPhone over DSLR to capture social media videos has been lingering for a while. Guess what? Most modern-day creators shoot from an iPhone as they find it a more convenient tool to record videos. If you’re wondering how you can use your iPhone video recording feature to create social media videos then you’re at the right place.  

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Here’s how you can use your iPhone for your next social media videos and publish high-quality videos using an online video editor

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Use HDR mode on the phone

The latest iPhone 12 has Dolby Vision HDR. What does it mean and what does Dolby Vision HDR do? Dolby Vision is Dolby’s brand of HDR or ‘High Dynamic Range’. High Dynamic Range lets you see more details in the darkest blacks and the brightest bright, resulting in great picture quality. Click here for a Free gif generator by Adobe Express.

To start with, you must check your iPhone’s camera settings under the record video option to check whether the HDR option is turned on or not. When you shoot your video with HDR, your video clips will be labeled as HDR in the playback. While playing the video, you’ll notice that the colors in the HDR video pop out more compared to the regular video recording. 

Adjust white balance

White balance is something that you’d want to perfect every single time. You need to trust your iPhone with your social media videos, but you must adjust the white balance according to the requirement. The iPhone has great color accuracy, but at times you might find certain setups warmer or colder than they are. 

In scenarios when you are shooting subjects with extreme colors, like snowfall or a sunny day at the beach, you can adjust the white balance easily on your iPhone in the video recording screen to neutralize the color tones. Before you manually adjust the white balance using the iPhone’s UI make sure to turn off the true-tone display as it can misguide you and increase the margin for errors. Once you get in the habit, you’ll be neutralizing the scenes using the white balance feature in no time. 

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Use rule of thirds

Before we proceed, you need to make sure that the grid setting is toggled under camera settings. Once you have the grid lines displayed on your camera app, you can start recording but how to make the most of those grid lines? What do they mean? 

For starters, don’t worry, these grid-lines won’t be reflected on your final footage as they are only meant to guide you. These grid lines are there for you to follow the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a framing technique where the picture or video frame is divided into thirds, using the intersection points of the grid lines to create a balanced image. 

Use video montages

One video format that works well across social media videos and films is a video montage. To create a video montage for your social media using your iPhone you need to plan out your visuals and you can do it by creating a film shot list. Since a montage has loads of visuals that are sometimes in random order, it becomes difficult for a creator to keep track of the shots. A film shot list helps you to curate the scattered shots on a sheet so that it’s easy to keep track. 

Video montages have the power to tell a story within a short duration and social media platforms make the most of video montages to convey more information within a limited time frame. 

You can create fantastic montages just by recording multiple cinematic shots and stitching them later using a video editor. Make sure to add music or a voice-over to your video montage if required.

Get started

Once you start recording using your iPhone, you’ll get a hang of the movements and features. It’ll become easier for you to adapt and record on your smartphone. You will notice the advantages of using your iPhone and find ease in creating videos for your social media platforms.