The Best Accessories For Christmas

We are still a week away from Christmas and I am still hearing from people that they need to finalize their Christmas shopping. Therefore, this selection of best accessory gifts may come a little late, but then again, it’s not! You can still buy the random gift from E-carnavalskleding or the promise that you might be able to travel to the Netherlands next year for your dream Christmas. But nothing beats accessories!

This year, the girls and I decided to give only one gift each, which made it easier and hassle-free. We picked a budget and then chose what we liked, easy, no fuss and queues and definitely something we will all enjoy.

Decorate your bedroom with Christmas lights

One of the simplest ways to create a Christmas atmosphere in your bedroom is to use magical Christmas lights and a Christmass bell (Dutch: kerstbel) Especially when it’s dark outside, it adds so much atmosphere! In the pictures below, you can already see some nice examples of exactly how you can apply it.

Put a special Christmas comforter cover on your bed

You turn your bedroom into a Christmas paradise in an instant if you put special winter or Christmas bedding on your bed. Look around on Ebay,, for example, also has super cute winter bedding in its range of a Christmass legging (Dutch: kerst legging). Need more inspiration? Then read this article on the most beautiful comforter covers for Christmas.

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Hang Christmas decorations on your lamp

If, like me, you have a chandelier hanging above your bed, I have a great tip for you. Hang ribbons with baubles from it or use Christmas greenery and other decorations. The effect is really super cute. Of course, even if you have a different kind of pendant lamp, this is also fine!

Decorate the TV

Do you have a TV in the bedroom? Give it some Christmas jingles with a garland or by hanging some lights around it. Have created your own ambi-light in no time haha! I used a snow globe garland, four baubles and some sweet Christmas lights. I think the result is successful. Unfortunately, in the photo it doesn’t come out as pretty as it is in real life.

Hang Christmas decorations above your bed

Of course, a Christmas garland can also be served in other places. Above your bed, for example. Also fun: turn Christmas balls (preferably unbreakable ones) into a beautiful figure above your bed. 

Christmas decorations at home

When do you get your Christmas decorations in the house? And where do you use these Christmas decorations in your interior? You can obviously think of Christmas stuff for the Christmas tree, such as baubles or a spike. You can also brighten up a dining table with Christmas objects, such as a candlestick or just some small accessories. Do you also use Christmas lights outside? Especially lights or a string of lights is very Christmassy.

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Christmas balls in the Christmas tree

You probably recognize it; every year around November/December you wonder… What am I going to put in the Christmas tree this year? And will I go for a real Christmas tree, an artificial Christmas tree or just an alternative Christmas tree? And if you’d rather not have an oversized Christmas tree in your home, then a cedar tree is also definitely a good option. The advantage of the latter is that you can also place it in the garden afterwards and use it again the following year.