Signs that your Fireplace Glass Doors Need Replacement

The door of a fireplace has a lot of functions and serves various purposes. First, it offers safety to the entire household because it reduces the fire from spreading into furniture and upholstery. Another thing is that it adds aesthetic appeal to the room where it’s installed.

With this said, it’s best if you could keep up the annual maintenance for the fireplace as you wouldn’t want logs to tumble out of it. In addition, the glowing coals or embers can cause harm to your wooden floors or tiles. With the help of glass doors, you’re not only keeping your property stylishly and elegantly, but you’re also protecting your home and its occupants.

However, as with any other appliance, there comes a time that you need to replace the doors of the hearth. There’s a need to replace fireplace glass doors when they display cracks, wear, and tear. In addition, some of them are not so durable that they may not be able to withstand extreme heat. Other factors that will tell you when it’s time for a replacement are the following:

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The Glass Had Experienced a Direct Impact

One of the more common reasons homeowners consider replacement is that there’s some direct damage or impact through the glass. Know that the materials are often made from tempered glass, and not all manufacturers will provide any warranty on them.

A simple scratch on the surface may mean that it can yield to the fire, and the damage may worsen over time. When a heavy object directly impacts the door, there might be a higher chance that it would shatter, especially if the material is too old or becomes too weak. Therefore, it’s vital to have the scratches repaired before they will get worse over time.

Spreading of the Cracks

Another more common issue with the doors is that an initial crack may spread throughout the surface. As an example, your cat may have accidentally scratched the surface, and when you begin to take a look, you discover that it was not much, and you decide to ignore it. 

Over the next few days or after some months, you notice that the cracks are spreading, and it’s becoming more prominent. Finally, the problem might be too big and become more noticeable that you can no longer ignore it. Expect to see larger cracks for a few more months, and it might even accidentally shatter. Avoid spreading the cracks and chips through annual maintenance. Read more about repairing cracks in this link here.

Long-Term Exposure to Heat

The glass particles may expand when they are frequently exposed to a higher temperature. If there are underlying issues like cracks and scratches, they may become enlarged, especially if they were not repaired or replaced. The doors of fireplaces are often made up of tempered glass. The material is treated with heat to make it resistant to the element.

However, know that if there are vulnerabilities, the glass will still be weakened with the constant exposure to flames and higher temperatures. While it might take longer to show up, know that the potential for damage is still present, and it can become a risk to the home occupants.

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Tips to Make the Doors Safer

Whether you’ve decided to replace the doors of your gas fireplace or get them repaired, it’s best if you could take the proper precautions before anything else. It can be a terrible experience when they shatter in the middle of a wintry day, so it’s best if you could consult with the experts for more information.

The panels are made with tempered glass, but their heat resistance is only until at a certain point. When you’re closing the hearth while there are still flames burning inside, know that the firebox will serve as a trap for the heat, and it can result in higher temperatures.

It’s best to keep the doors open for safety and ventilation. If you’re looking to have a barrier between the fire and your home, you may want to invest in mesh doors and curtains. They are specifically made to stay closed and will contain sparks and fire. They can also prevent the ash and charred wood from escaping outside the hearth. 

You might have a wood, pellet, or gas stove inside your home. If so, it’s best if the doors are made up of ceramic glass panels. These materials can generally withstand insanely hot temperatures, and they are more durable than tempered glass. The stove’s doors are meant to stay shut while you’re cooking a barbecue. Get more info about tempered glass here: 

So, why don’t you use ceramic glass on the fireplace? Know that the stove should be supposed to be closed at all times. This increases the temperature of the unit that will radiate throughout the metal. 

On the other hand, glass is not conductive, so when the flames are present, the only way to heat the room is through its front panel. Blocking the front part will mean that the heat can stay inside the firebox. Keep the doors open and maintain proper ventilation at all times to reduce the risks of accidents.