Exam Preparation Tips to Score Good Marks in Class 12 Exams

Are you in Class 12 and are wondering what steps you can take to score great marks in your CBSE Board examination? Whichever stream you are in, certain general strategies hold for all the subjects and can help you get a memorable result in Class 12. So follow along and avail the complete benefit of these tips and see how your CBSE Class 12 examination result skyrockets. 

  • Prepare as per the exam requirements

You have given Class 10 board exams previously and are somewhat familiar with the process of preparing for the board exams. Although the syllabus and study material for Class 12 is hugely different from Class 12, few preparation requirements are the same for most exams. One such requirement is to understand the exam pattern. Know the different sections each subject’s questions are divided into. How many questions are asked for 1 mark, 2 marks, 3, marks, 5 marks, etc? This helps you to prepare accordingly. You must practice differentiating between answers of different marking schemes. Also review a few previous years’ question papers to see which topics are oft-repeated, what type of thinking-based questions are asked, how are the theoretical questions formed etc. When you get a good understanding of these points, you will keep this in mind while studying the important points and form your answers accordingly.

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  • Review the syllabus

Before even beginning your preparation, you must review what you need to study throughout the year. You must have a broad goal for the entire year as well as set monthly and weekly goals right from the start. Class 12 is no joke and you need to be on your toes right from the start. Review the syllabus with a magnifying lens. Differentiate the easy topics from the difficult ones; those that would require more hours to go through. Also, point out the topics with high weightage and study them with full focus. If you plan to appear for any of the competitive exams, you must be in that headspace from the start as well.

  • Give utmost importance to NCERT:

You may need a few reference books for competitive exams. But for Class 12 board exams NCERT textbooks are more than sufficient for almost all subjects. The one subject that might be an exception is accountancy. You need a few extra books to practice if you want to score good marks in accountancy. The one book that experts recommend is TS Grewal. You can look for TS Grewal Class 12 Solutions online and use them to practice extensively for accountancy. Other than this, if you know your NCERT book inside and out, you do not have to go looking for a lot of extra study material.

  • Only use recommended resources

Teachers, experts, and toppers swear that you do not need to go crazy with the study resources for Class 12 board exams. If you have a lot of reference books you will not be able to go through them with the time that you have and will end up increasing your anxiety close to the exams as a result. So focus on your NCERT Books, personal revision notes, important questions, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers. If you can get a good amount of practice from these resources you will without a doubt ace your Class 12 Board examination. 

  • Prepare with a broader objective

Many students simultaneously prepare for NEET, JEE, or other entrance examinations along with their board examinations. So as you go on studying for each subject, have a preparation strategy that will work for other exams as well. The main thing is to focus on course textbooks as they will be beneficial for all of these exams. Once you are through with them, you can move on to books of competitive level. So your year-long preparation must focus on the NCERT textbooks and past papers. 

  • Study using smart aids

You must utilize the various scientifically-backed study aids and techniques to help you prepare notes, memorize difficult terms and concepts and practice the studied materials. These study aids can be flashcards, mind maps, flow charts, color-coded notes, post-its on a board in your room or on your notes, etc. Sometimes only studying from plain notes and textbooks can feel arduous. But research shows that visually appealing study aids and color-coded information is easier to remember. So you can use flow charts and colorful tables while studying Biology, or flashcard to memorize formulas, etc.

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  • Practice

Since the syllabus in every subject of Class 12 is vast, you need to practice everything that you have studied at regular intervals. This is true especially for numerical questions, formulas, derivation, and diagrams. You must have separate notebooks for each of these. Consistent written practice each day is the only way to ensure that you will remember to replicate them exactly in the answer sheet during the exam. Another important thing that needs to be practiced intensively is previous years’ questions papers. As your syllabus gets completed and you are preparing for pre-board exams or tests, make sure you solve one question paper from every subject every few days. If you aim to score great marks in your Class 12 exam, you cannot miss practicing over and over again from question papers. This retains the material that you learned, improves your recall, and gives you an idea to apply the concepts that you have learned to tricky questions in exams.

  • Manage time effectively 

You need to do a lot of work throughout your Class 12. Thus you must possess good time management skills. To plan each subject’s preparation, the practice of question papers, revision, etc, you need to make a practical study plan and follow it to a tee. Stay away from distractions as they are a big hindrance to your time management skills. Every topper will tell you that the most useful advice that they can give you is to make every hour count while studying. Effective planning will produce the required results.

  • Abundant revision

As we have mentioned that you will need at least one full month for proper revision. In this one month, you must put all your energy to make sure that you cover every important topic, go through the diagrams, formulas, derivations daily, and practice all the important numerical in a notebook. You must also solve the question papers every 4-5 days in the beginning. When you have 10 days left for the exams, give more consideration to solving question papers and analyzing your performance rather than going through the entire textbook again. By this time your syllabus must be completed with all diligence and the focus should be on practicing to give the actual 3-hour long exam.

  • Heed to teachers advice

Whether you go to coaching, take tuitions, or just study at home, make sure you take every advice that your coaching or school teachers give you with complete respect. Remember that your teachers have years of experience behind them wherein they have helped hundreds of students with their board exam preparation. They have tons of useful advice, tips, and tricks that will help you immensely in your board exams.

  • Toppers answer sheets

A great initiative by the CBSE is that it provides the students with answer sheets of toppers to refer to. These answer sheets can be a great tool for you to understand how you must write answers in the exams. Analyze toppers’ answer sheets and see how neatly they are organized, how they have formed their answers, and what points have they highlighted and underlined. Referring to these immaculate answer sheets will give you a proper idea to perform similarly. When you are solving question papers during revision, set a timer of 3 hours and solve the question paper like you would in the exam. Analyze your answer sheet and compare it with the toppers answer sheet and see if yours is as neat and flawless.

You can also go on the internet to see what strategies toppers follow and what they advise other students.

Class 12 is an important milestone in your educational career. So give it your best shot so that you do not regret not giving adequate time and effort later.