Should Parents Opt For Additional Sources to Improve English In Class 1 Kids

Before analyzing the question of whether parents should opt for additional sources or not, it is important that we look into the importance of learning English or any other Language. 

One of the crucial aspects of language learning is motivation. Children who are excited about learning English are more likely to put in the effort.

When children enjoy learning and the learning experience is enjoyable and interesting, they are more likely to learn.

Any activity or work related to language learning that can be done at home that is enjoyable, varied, attention-grabbing, or creative will assist your child in preparing for exams and developing their English language skills in a natural, stress-free manner.

Though the help of additional sources can be taken, for the Class 1 kids the learning process should also be carried out efficiently at their homes.

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Writing Activities

  • Parents can ask their children to collect some items of interest to them. As an example, consider a shell, a flower, or a pebble. Assign them the task of creating their own exhibition and writing a caption for each item.
  • Children can also be asked to create a short, silent video. For example, my favourite places or activities to do outside. Ask your child to describe their video in 10–20 English words. If they are confident, they can add a voiceover to their video using the words from their list.
  • Outdoor activities can be a great source of inspiration for creative writing. Parents can ask their children to take photos of things that interest them. Then ask them to write a short story using one or more of the pictures.

Reading Activities

  • Parents can make a list of things for their children to find. For instance, a tree, a bird, a petal, something ‘yellow,’ something ‘old,’ and something that begins with each letter of the alphabet (A–Z). Request that they photograph each item. This is a fun game to play while out for a walk.
  • Request that your child researches an outdoor food recipe – something that can be cooked on a grill or over a campfire, or something that can be prepared for a picnic.
  • Children can be encouraged to build their own outdoor reading den. Encourage your child to read stories outside, especially those about outdoor adventures and nature.
  • Children should also be encouraged to read the books prescribed by their school or the Board. For instance, CBSE Board prescribes NCERT Class 1 English Book

Additional activities

  • Parents can create an obstacle course with objects that must be avoided (for example, trees, bushes, footballs). One member of the family will walk through the obstacle course blindfolded. Another family member will direct them in English (e.g. left, right, stop, take one step back).
  • Play guessing games like “I spy something that begins with the letter…” as well as 20 questions (ask your child to think of something, then ask up to 20 questions to guess what it is).
  • Play the game Simon suggests. Give your child a directive. ‘Simon says jump,’ ‘Simon says touch your toes,’ ‘Simon says to pretend to be a duck,’ and so on. If the sentence begins with ‘Simon says,’ your child should act it out. If the sentence does not begin with ‘Simon says,’ your child should disregard the instruction and remain perfectly still.

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Children’s performance in School

Also, parents can ensure that their children are doing well in school particularly in the English Language by the following ways:

  • Speaking with teachers and other school personnel can be intimidating for parents of ESL students, especially if they are not confident in their own English abilities. Teachers, on the other hand, can be invaluable partners in assisting children in reaching their full potential. Aside from reporting on a student’s overall progress, teachers may be able to recommend the best methods for practising English at home and direct parents to useful resources.

If a parent is unable to communicate with a teacher in English, they should inquire whether the district or a community program provides translators, or they should seek assistance from a fluent friend or family member.

  • For the kids to excel in English, one of the most effective and efficient ways for parents to assist their children in learning English is to attempt to learn English themselves. When parents initiate to use English at home, more opportunities for children to practice speaking and listening will arise. It can be a great motivator for parents and children to practice their new skills together.
  • Even parents who speak English fluently can demonstrate the value of learning by focusing on an area of improvement, such as reading a difficult novel to learn complex vocabulary or improving their writing skills.
  • Reading is a valuable skill that only gets better with practice. Parents can help by making books available to their children and reading aloud to them.

While it is essential to practice reading in the target language, not all books must be in English. Reading in a student’s native language can help them preserve their culture while also improving their overall reading fluency. Students who read well in another language have a better chance of succeeding in English literacy.

Parents of Class 1 students, regardless of their background or personal English abilities, can be the key to a child’s success by making a concerted effort to promote English language learning.

What needs to be taken care of while choosing additional sources? 

  • One needs to be careful while choosing additional sources for their class 1 kid. 
  • Proper verification along with seeing the previous results of that particular source is important. 
  • The kid should feel comfortable there. 
  • The teaching method should predominantly be play-way. 


  • Parents can enhance the learning process with the tips mentioned above. 
  • The major part of learning for a Class 1 kid is the school and the parents. So, one has to focus on these two sources first. 
  • Even the parents can help their kids to cushion the learnings from their school. 
  • Additional sources can be opted for meticulously. 
  • One should not forget that Class 1 is a very crucial stage and the kids can be moulded in all the possible ways.