5 Reasons Why Professionals Should Use An Intro Maker 


The first five seconds decide the fate of your video.

A couple of decades ago, people were patient enough to watch three minutes of video before making a decision. People had a much bigger attention span before the mobile revolution. Now, it has come to only a few seconds. How to grab the attention of viewers? Get this online tool, intro maker, and be the next success story.

Without a quality intro maker, you can’t grab the attention of your viewers. If you fail to engage the audience in the first few seconds, you lose a big portion of your audience. The number goes higher depending on your type of content.

This is the only way to grab attention and call them to action. Intro maker content may not be an informative element – but they grab the attention for sure. If you are not using animated video intros, you are losing a big deal.

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In this article, we will talk about five reasons why you should use an intro maker for your next video.

  • Increase Credibility

Animated videos look professional and authoritative. Also, it improves your credibility and enhances your brand image.

Don’t reveal it yet! Shh!

Variety is the major reason behind the success of animation. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of styles allowing you to pick the right one. Moreover, choose a style that harmonizes your brand and helps you stand out.

With an intro maker, you can finally create top-notch videos without a huge budget. Without any access to costly production hardware, you can create value for users.

  • Boost Recognition and Brand Awareness

It doesn’t take more than a few hours to get your video viral in the modern world. If your video has a distinctive element that can attract an audience, it can get viral.

But, unfortunately, people can’t remember things for too long. Furthermore, you’ll have to create your branding to get recognition. Also, a viral video can get you in front of a huge audience but how can they recognize you?

An intro maker can sort this out of you. With a well-made intro, your videos are easily recognizable. As soon as they see the intro, they can tell it is you.

Remember that it may not happen in a day or two. People are just lurking around for the content. Once the content knocks their head, they will pay attention to who made the video.

This is your moment! You have to make sure they remember it is you. This strategy is called brand awareness.

Keep in mind that your potential audience is watching thousands of videos. They are getting thousands of marketing messages. Brand awareness was never as important as it is today.

Hence, Intro maker is the answer. Use unique effects and build your brand image. 

  • Become Memorable

Become Memorable

Brand awareness is fantastic, no doubt – but how can you be aware of something you can’t even remember?

Most of the brand messages don’t grab the attention because they lack this element.

A pizza with no toppings and improperly cooked can’t grab attention. No one would like to remember this abomination. 

The same goes for videos. A boring and forgettable video will never help you reach your target niche.

When you want to “stay in the mind” of your audience, you have to come up with innovative video intros.

The study says that viewers remember a video of their liking for up to a month. Don’t you want to display your brand in the intro? Precisely, it will stick to their head.

  • Provide Insights to Your Ongoing Content

Chances are you’ve watched a movie or television series in your lifetime. Can you recall how you get pumped by the opening sequence? It sets the tone for what’s to come in the most exciting way possible. 

Well, you are going to apply this rule via an intro maker.

Are you making a series of videos? It could be anything like frequently asked questions or tutorials about how to use a product.

Without any second thought, you need an intro for those videos.

Make sure that you differentiate your content from other videos on the web. Create precise value and stand out from the rest.

As soon as your audience watches the intro, they will be delighted to know more about what’s to come.

Most importantly, you don’t need a boring introduction to explain your idea. An intro maker can make your introduction more engaging. 

A splash screen intro can do the job. As long as it is attractive and unique, it will do the trick.

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  • Stay in Trend

What’s your ultimate goal of making videos? One word answer is to “Impress.” If you’re not engaging your audience, then your content is not impressive or you are not presenting it perfectly.

With an intro maker, you can present your content better than ever. In the introduction of your video, you can share something they are going to watch. It is essential to make them watch the complete video.

Consider it as a trailer of a movie that is already released. When you watch a quality trailer, you can’t stop yourself from watching it. You will sit down in front of a device – will find the movie and watch it ASAP.

Now, you have to create the same situation. Provide critical information earlier in the video. It will become difficult for the audience to ignore it.

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Parting Words

Regardless of the title, thousands of creators explain what to expect within a few seconds of the video intro. And you will hardly find these creators in the bottom part of the chart. People love engaging creators because they are answering their questions in the introduction right of the bat.