Pet-friendly home décor ideas

If you are just about to adopt a pet, you’re in for an emotional and physical rollercoaster. As rewarding as it can be, getting a pet home is a process that you be should be prepared for. One of the most important things to take care of before you bring the bundle of happiness home is making sure your house is ready for it too. You need to ensure that the house is safe for a pet and need to make smart choices to safeguard your items. Pets like fish and birds can be less challenging as they do not move about much in the house.  Dogs and cats, however, might require special attention and care. Furthermore, you may want to consider pet insurance to protect your pet in case of an emergency. 

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Let us take a look at some of the things you may want to keep in mind. 

  1. Make space – Making space in your heart and home for the newest member is extremely important. Allocate a corner and set the bed there to establish their space. By doing this you can give them a sense of freedom and ensure they have a place to unwind. You can fit the pet beds in niches in the walls or even incorporate them in TV unit design
  2. Furniture – Pets are sure to gnaw and scratch everything in their reach especially when they are teething. This problem is faced by most pet owners. You can try getting rid of upholstered items for the first few months. Sofa set wooden or plastic can also get damaged. Covering your bed with slipcovers can be cost-effective and more efficient than changing your bedsheets now and then. 
  3. Dining area – Pets get accustomed to one particular routine and you should encourage them to do so. So that whenever you are out, your pets know where to look for food and water if wish to have some. You may want to invest in a mat that you can lay down, which might make it easier to clean. 
  4. Invest in storage – Keep a separate cupboard or a shelf for all things pet-related. The clothes, treats, cleaning equipment, grooming products, toys, and medicines can be stacked in a cupboard that is out of their reach. This way you have a go-to place whenever you need something.
  5. Litter boxes or wet areas – Maintaining litter boxes or wet areas are a very good investment. If your pet is going to be home alone the whole day, they need to be trained to go to a particular area for conducting their business. This means a lesser mess for you to clean and you can be sure that the smell stays contained to one area only. Wet areas can be useful to bathe your pets as well. 
  6. Storage for protection – This might be tricky to handle however, keeping shoes, clothes, and other items of yours need to be kept at a height to safeguard them. This also means ensuring the garbage is covered as well. 

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Let your angels show you the way to unconditional love!