5 Need-to-Know Golf Tips for Beginners

All over the country, you will find avid golfers. The game not only provides a full day of entertainment. 

It also offers a fun way to stay in shape. During an 18-hole game of golf, you may burn anywhere from 1,200 to 3,000 calories! The game also promotes heart health by keeping you walking around all day.

If you did not already, now you most likely want to golf. Not sure how?

Read on for 5 golf tips that will help you on the course.

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  1. Courses

All golf courses offer a different experience. One of the most important tips for first-time golfers is to choose the right course for you.

Consider first how much you can afford, and begin there. Then consider the atmosphere you will enjoy. While some courses draw in golfers with laid-back attitudes, others you may find extremely rigid.

Look into the variety of holes that each course offers. As a beginner, definitely consider the challenge each course presents. Do not begin at the most difficult or you will not enjoy your day and it will upset the experienced golfers.

To begin, find a course with flexible scheduling, so you can book tee on your days off without a hassle. View the best ones!

  1. Clubs

You will find 14 golf clubs in a full set. Each club serves a different purpose. 

Tee off with a driver, hit off the fairway with an iron, get out of the rough or sand with a wedge, and only use your putter on the green. These basic beginner golf tips will save you time and embarrassment during a game.

Make sure you get the correct sized clubs. This will make a major impact on your game.

  1. Setting Up to Swing

Golf tips for newbies must include form. If you do not start with a solid foundation, you will not produce a good swing.

Firmly set your feet shoulder-width apart and shift your weight to the balls of your feet. Allow a little bounce in your knees. 

Set your hips back, with the ball in front of you at the center of your stance. Your club should reach the ball with your arms straight out but relaxed.

Grip the club with your dominant hand beneath the other, thumbs down. Newbies often start with a 10 finger grip for comfort. You can perfect it once you get the swing of things.

Also, if your are beginner prefer golfing simulator that help to increase your golfing skills.

  1. Swing

Shift your weight to your back foot to rotate your torso on the backswing. Glide the club up perpendicular to your arm and then back, so the head goes slightly behind your hands.

Sweep the club forward for the downswing and lock your arm straight just before impact. Shift your weight into your front foot and remember to follow through.

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  1. Etiquette

Golf requires a certain degree of etiquette. Start with dressing appropriately for golf.

Arrive early to your tee time, giving you time to set up. Stay quiet when a fellow golfer goes to swing and never keep swinging past a double bogey. Also, respect the green, as they cost a lot of money to maintain.

Remember These Golf Tips

When the big day comes, remember these golf tips. This will help you save face, enjoy yourself, and uphold course etiquette. 

Golfing keeps you in shape, but would you like to improve your overall health? Find wellness tips on our website!

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