New Caledonia Holiday Packages: 5 Timeless Reasons to Visit New Caledonia

Are you considering a New Zealand vacation? The number of international visitors to the Oceanic country has surged in recent decades and in 2019 reached nearly 3.9 million visitors. New Zealand has become famous for its beautiful landscapes, national rugby team, and indigenous Maori culture. It’s also a suitable vacation spot for Australia due to the proximity. 

While in the New Zealand region, you can also enjoy New Caledonia holiday packages. This archipelago is quite close to New Zealand. It includes three provinces and several islands. Here are some of the main reasons to visit New Caledonia: 

UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you’re visiting New Zealand, this is a reason to add New Caledonia to your itinerary. The French territory is quite near Oceania and slightly east of Australia. It’s also a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage site, one of the main reasons to consider visiting the archipelago.

Diverse Natural Wonders

New Caledonia’s weather includes semi-tropical weather that makes it ideal for visitors. This situation makes it practical for exploring the area’s natural wonders.

You can enjoy ground-level sights through different options. One example is mountain biking. Also, ride along various bike trails and tour the coasts and city.

Renting a quad allows you to visit different sites like slopes and waterways. The vehicles fit two people, so you can get more value than a bike.  

A more traditional option is horseback riding. This method is a fantastic one to enjoy seashore sands and water, or climb a slope to enjoy a majestic view.

 An even more basic way to enjoy New Caledonia’s sites is to hike on foot. This allows you to take it slow and enjoy the sites and fresh air to create some memorable experiences. You can enjoy thick forests or high mountaintops. The area’s highest peak is Mount Panié, with a peak of around 1627 meters (5,340 feet)

The high-elevation outdoor activities you can enjoy include zip lining and tree climbing. This allows you to enjoy the thick greenery while getting a good workout. Besides that, you’ll also get a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

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Sky Views

This gives you the ability to enjoy New Caledonia’s landscapes from above. One of the most favoured ways to do that is through skydiving, which provides an extreme adrenaline rush.

There are various other sky-high options including parachuting and paragliding. If you prefer to enjoy the sites through an aircraft, then options include planes, helicopters, and ultralights.

Barrier Reef

New Caledonia’s barrier reef is the world’s biggest continuous barrier reef, and only Australia’s Great Barrier reef is larger. Visitors can enjoy lagoons covering over 9,000 square miles. They  can also experience: 

  • Pleasant weather
  • Sandy beaches
  • Islets
  • Coves

You can enjoy these areas in various ways, including motorboats, catamarans, and yachts. Some of the most popular activities include whale watching and super-yacht. If you don’t enjoy guided tours, you can rent a boat and visit the bodies of water at your own speed.  

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Bush Life

In order to enjoy traditional lifestyles in the region, visit the New Caledonian bush. This allows you to experience local life.

The west coast is one of the most popular options. You can hike grasslands and mountains, which includes thick vegetation along the steep slopes. Touring the hidden valleys also gives you a chance to visit some local tribes.

When visiting New Zealand, you can enjoy New Caledonia holiday packages. This includes experiences like the barrier reef, bush life, and sky views. The small archipelago includes world-famous tourist spots including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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