Choose Kindness: 4 Reasons to Use Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

If you want to look beautiful, you might as well go all the way by using cruelty-free makeup. After all, beauty is skin deep, and the greatest kind of beauty manifests with a kind heart. You can also wear coloured contact lenses which you can get at and you can choose a lot of colors that you feel to wear in a daily use of in a special event. Contact lenses will enhance the look of your face. Thus, give more confidence to yourself because being beautiful inside and out is something to be grateful and proud of. Working with makeup brands that use heinous manufacturing practices like testing on animals is just mean. Why opt to be cruel when you have better choices like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup? This means no part of the product at all has been tested on living creatures. It includes those coming from the brand itself and the suppliers. If you’re not convinced why cruelty-free cosmetics is the way to go, read on below to find out why this is the latest trend. 

  • Enjoy a Healthier Product

When you choose a kinder product that doesn’t rely on animal testing, you are sure that you’re working with a healthier brand. Most cruelty-free cosmetics don’t use harmful chemicals like synthetic dyes, parabens, preservatives, and sulphates. They tend to cause a breakout, allergies, and skin irritations. Most also clog your pores as they do not use non-comedogenic ingredients. Companies that prioritise not hurting animals can be counted on not to hurt people, too. Besides, this is a win-win situation because you save your skin and save lives.

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  • Look Beautiful Without Hurting Others

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable with the knowledge that you don’t hurt other living things just too look great? That also does wonder for your mental health when you understand you are not part of the problem. Focusing on brands like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup means you are making mindful decisions to add a product with a heart into your routine. You don’t have to feel terrible or guilty at all. Hence, you can primp and prettify with a clear conscience, knowing that no living creature was harmed for you to look and feel good. Remember, companies don’t merely test on lab rats. Sometimes, they inject chemicals into cute, furry rabbits, dogs, and cats. They are treated like objects in cages and often end up hurting before they get killed. These are things that you would never do to your beloved pets. 

  • Saves Loads of Money

The majority of cruelty-free brands in the market share a common denominator: they are friendly to your pocket. Since they use mindful practices and don’t keep elaborate labs to test on animals, they can pass on the cost-savings to you, the consumer. You are not only saving animal lives but saving your wallet, too. Besides, with these brands, you get true value for money because you can enjoy premium quality products that are amazing for your skin. So, what’s not to love? 

  • Be Part of the Solution

In a divisive world that’s full of toxicity and negativity, you can choose kindness. Instead of making more problems, you can make a conscious effort to be a part of the solution. By banning traditional brands that rely on animal testing, you send a message that animal cruelty is wrong. When you take a stand with others, these companies will lose sales. As a result, they will be forced to change and modify their practices. Besides, there’s really no need for animal testing because thousands of cosmetic ingredients are already proven safe and compliant with government health standards. With so many brands that do not rely on animal testing, there’s simply no excuse to be cruel. Making that smart choice assures you to use humane products that save animal lives.  

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