Modern Marketing Tools & Statistics – The Main Channels and Benefits of Digital Marketing


Since the first pandemic scares up till today, digitization has taken a rocket flight into a dangerously poised, but also quickly accessible world. This is not new information to us anymore. The stride of the commercial world into the digital space was already wide even before that. Last year’s events were just catalysts. Internet usage is now a necessity like food and water. People spend more time online than ever before and for marketers, it is a whole new realm of opportunities that calls to be explored. 

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Digital marketing is simply all ways and means that can be used to promote a brand online. free SMS marketing and WhatsApp bulk messaging  It is not a departure from traditional marketing but rather a new branch sprouting from it. Since people are accessing the internet more and more, it is the most opportune place to advertise. So, like marketing through any other media like the TV or print, digital marketing can be put to profitable use by strategizing correctly. The benefits need to be well understood to grasp its immense scope.

Benefits of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has too many additional benefits to list. Yet here is a crisp idea of all it can achieve, that traditional marketing channels cannot. 

  1. Cost-effective:

While large business houses can afford expensive marketing campaigns offline, digital marketing allows a similar, or even wider reach, under reasonable costs. Most digital marketing channels allow you to choose a budget limit and create a campaign plan accordingly.

  1. Measurable results:

Numerous digital tools allow marketers to precisely measure the performance of a digital campaign. Today it is easier than ever to keep track of varied metrics being used in your campaign.

While traditional methods of campaigning are very effective and wide-reaching, it is impossible to track leads and determine how many people became consumers of your product after interacting with which of your advertisement channels. 

With digital marketing, the effectiveness of various channels can be determined while a campaign is ongoing. This allows for corrections, improvements, and distributing resources between channels based on their performance. 

  1. Target Ideal Audience:

Social media algorithms allow you to analyze consumer behavior in terms of their product/service preferences and reach an audience that is close to the ideal customer for your business. This is a unique perk of digital marketing that cannot be achieved by traditional channels. Digital tools allow you to set a target audience before doling out an advertisement.

  1. Reaching Consumers At The Start Of Their Buying Journey   

A buyer’s journey begins with researching the availability of products that may be a solution to their need. In a digitized world, the internet is the first place they mostly turn to, to find out ideal products/services. This is a crucial window of time when you would want to make a good first impression and allow consumers to familiarize themselves with your business. Digital marketing allows you to strategically direct consumers to your website and if your product is what they need, you’ve created a new customer!

A good impression at the start of the buying journey will leave a positive impact. The consumers may return and if they haven’t converted yet, they will consider at the time when they have to.

  1. Easy to Share with A Global Reach

Sharing an advertisement or article is much easier online. Many people can have access at the same time which multiplies the impact of the campaign in a shorter time frame. The research, analysis, and use of digital marketing tools may need more time to master but once campaign material starts running online, the results are very swift and the trend can be quickly determined. The reach of these campaigns is not bound by national boundaries. The “Global Village” becomes a reality here. 

  1. Improved Conversion Rate

Due to the ability to target a specific audience, it is much easier to earn converted consumers. The growth of your brand rests on these consumers who need just the product that you provide. With digital tools, you practically serve it to them on their platters.  

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Channels of Digital Marketing

  • Social Media

Employing various social media platforms for online marketing and promotion has scope for a wide reach and will create social media opportunities for your business. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all allow for targeted marketing, interacting with prospect consumers wherever they may be.

  1. PPC

Paid search campaigning uses the Pay-Per-Click model where the advertiser is charged for advertising only when users click on their ads. The use of keywords on the major search engines to display your ads is crucial here as well. Your ads are displayed based on your bid and the ad’s quality score. 

  1. Email Marketing

Interacting with your target audience by sending updates to their inbox is responsible for loads of traffic created for businesses online. Emails create a sense of personal interaction with customers and allow them to explore your business at a pace suitable for them.  

  1. SEO

The SEO tool is employed without fail by companies for effective marketing as it allows your website to pop up at the top of search results on search engines. A detailed study and use of keywords associated with your industry and brand, as well as creating a search engine friendly website are the keys to an effective SEO campaign 

  1. Video

Video advertising is the most ubiquitous form that is very visible on popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Well-designed video ads have a high potential of capturing viewers since it taps into the audio-visual memory which has the most impressionable and memorable retention. Short videos, to the point and quality-designed have the best prospects to attract viewers.

  1. Responsive Website

A responsive brand website that adjusts its display interface according to the device being used has better prospects of engaging more audience. Additionally, being responsive to queries and interacting with consumers at the earliest leave a good impression. 


Each rung of the marketing funnel, which is representative of a consumer’s journey along with the advertiser’s response, requires customized attention to result in effective campaigning. Digital marketing allows high returns on investments just by the virtue of being easily accessible to a large target audience at the same time. But to create a multiplier effect, actions based on live monitoring of online campaigning are essential. Digital marketing is a boon for businesses and a definitive tool to generate better results.

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