Figuring Out Your ADU Cost Estimate

Figuring out your ADU cost estimate doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be quite easy if you use the right resources. That is why we have laid out three different ways for you to figure out your expenses before starting your ADU project.

Know The Basics

Before you can begin estimating your costs, you need to know basic information about your project.

  • Type of ADU
  • The city it is being built in
  • Type of lot it is being built on (flat or hillside)
  • Number of floors
  • How large it will be

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Once you have all this information, you can begin to look at how much it will cost to build your ADU.

Use A Cost Calculator

There are a number of ADU cost calculators available for you to get a general idea of how much your ADU development will cost. Most are free to use and just require you to enter your email address or name.

This way of estimating your costs allows you to pretty much have someone else do it for you without you having to interact with them. You don’t need to have a phone call or exchange pleasantries, or even know anything about ADU costs before using it.

Do It Yourself

If you know a lot about ADU development already, you can estimate your costs yourself by breaking them up into four main categories.

  • Design and planning
  • City fees
  • Construction labor and material
  • Finish materials

If you know your basics, you should be able to figure out on average how much each category will cost and then add it all up to get your grand total.

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Have A Professional Do It

As ADUs become more popular, more and more businesses are emerging that specialize in ADU design. For example, Levi Design Build makes it easy for you to talk with a professional who can not only help you identify all of your costs, but also show you areas where you can save money.

As long as the professional you speak with specializes in ADUs and not just construction in general, they should be able to help you very accurately figure out your expenses.