Is the UAE a good place to work?

The United Arab Emirates is a popular country. People are scared and at the same time attracted by stories about this exotic state, which is called “the land of deserts and sheiks”. But the only way to find out how people really live there is to go there – no, not on vacation! – but to work there. After all, it is no secret that the United Arab Emirates has a standard of living second only to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. There is an excellent education, extremely high income, and a loyal tax system, particularly for business. Employment in the UAE is a legal opportunity to live longer in this Arab country and gain valuable experience. As in any Muslim state, the customs of the Emirates has its own restrictions and prohibitions, some of which apply to foreigners. At the same time, the UAE opens up unprecedented prospects for the brave. And women are getting more and more rights here, despite Muslim traditions and conservatism.Exactly in this article layboard  will show you several factors why Dubai is a great place to work 

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Looking for work in the United Arab Emirates

The economy in the UAE is growing fast, but there is a shortage of local labor. Nationals of the state practically do not hire in the construction and service sector, and even less in unskilled positions. Therefore, the Emirati government has nothing against the participation of foreigners in the labor market. Not for nothing immigrants make up 90% of all employees in the country. Of course, some jobs are closed to foreigners: they cannot become civil servants and occupy key positions in the field of economic management. I work in the United Arab Emirates, where millions of immigrants, for whom jobs are created every year in this state.

Where in the Arab Emirates immigrants work

The most common jobs for foreigners in the Emirates are jobs in the service of tourists. First of all, these are such positions:

  1. bartenders,
  2. waiters,
  3. valet,
  4. Lifeguards on the beaches,
  5. cooks,
  6. chambermaids,
  7. security guards,
  8. animators in large hotels,
  9. fitness instructors,
  10. hairdressers,
  11. sales assistants in large stores.

What employment in the UAE depends on

Traditionally the Emirati government has encouraged foreign workers for skilled labor, which is inexpensive. But in recent years it has also shown interest in the work of educated people with high qualifications.

What do they pay special attention to when applying for a job in the Emirates:

  1. English language skills,
  2. education,
  3. previous experience,
  4. practical skills,
  5. ability to work in a team.

Presentable appearance is very important, because in the UAE it is believed that the appearance of employees is used to judge the prestige of the company.

Career prospects for foreigners

In the Emirates, those who entered in not overqualified positions, but showed great ability, expect career advancement. Companies in the UAE are interested in training specialists, and therefore it is not uncommon when a person who got a job as a bartender or security guard, after completing a work contract and passing special courses begins to work as a secretary, manager or head of department. In this country future employees are trained before they start working. If, however, you want to be transferred to another position after the end of your contract, they provide retraining courses.

Skilled positions for foreigners in demand

The list of jobs where citizens of other countries are invited to work increases every year. Good prospects for foreign employees in the following positions:

  1. airport workers, pilots, stewardesses in Emirates Airlines,
  2. Managers in the sale of real estate, cars, building materials,
  3. doctors and medical workers,
  4. system administrators and computer technology experts,
  5. scientists in any field.

Doctors are especially valued in the UAE. They are considered to be good specialists in both making diagnoses and treating complex diseases. But in order to be officially employed at a clinic in the Emirates, you have to undergo a tough competitive selection process. Besides legalization of documents, a doctor has to confirm his knowledge of English, pass an exam on specialization to confirm his education and get a license. It is issued by one of the three ministries of health in the UAE and provides the right to work only in a certain emirate. Exchange programs for university professors with advanced degrees have recently appeared.

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Salaries in the UAE

The most unskilled positions in the Emirates are not paid very well – so, you can earn about 300-400 U.S. dollars a month at the construction.The average salary of foreigners in the Emirates in the service sector is from 700 to 2000-3000 dollars a month, while locals earn on average 4-5 thousand dollars for the same period, and the income of qualified specialist UAE citizen starts from 10 thousand. There are no payroll taxes, and the entire amount without deductions stays in the hands of the employee. Salary usually consists of several parts. Thus, in the service sector it is made up of the following components :

  1. Basic salary (at first it can be quite small – 1100-2500 dirhams or $350-685 per month),
  2. extra pay for service (at the end of the month the amount is divided among all employees and makes 450-1500 dirham or $ 125-475 per person),
  3. Language supplements (150-400 dirham or $45-$110)
  4. tips
  5. various bonuses.

All these amounts are added together, so you get a monthly income. 

Working conditions for foreigners in the Emirates

The working day in the Arab Emirates usually consists of two parts. The first lasts from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the second lasts from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. But some companies work without such a long break, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Larger companies prefer the Western style of working hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break. The work week in the UAE lasts 48 hours. The day off is Friday (sometimes Saturday). All overtime work is paid extra.

Vacations and appeals against violations of labor laws

A foreign worker is entitled to 26-30 days of vacation allowance depending on the position. Vacations are paid as well as sick leave, which can last up to three months for foreign nationals. If the employer suddenly turns out to be unscrupulous or begins to deceive you, to protect the employee is a program Wage Protection System, as well as the Electronic Services Service of the UAE Ministry of Labor. Through this portal you can check the authenticity of your contract and employment card, as well as send a complaint against the employer for breach of contract or delay of wages.

Internships in the United Arab Emirates

There are plenty of jobs for students in the UAE. The best restaurants and hotels in the country offer internships to young people from all over the world. Applicants must know English and have a degree in hospitality, tourism, or commerce. Traineeship is paid, i.e. interns receive stipend or salary from the company. Upon completion of the work contract the trainees are given letters of reference and international certificates accepted in any country. The Emirates also hosts the offices of many well-known international companies. Often, after the internship, the most successful workers are selected by managers of these companies for employment in the USA, Canada, or European Union countries. Employers render the same services to trainees as to regular employees – flight and health insurance, accommodation and meals at the company’s expense (partly or in full), work and residency visa and paid vacations.

Tax policy in the UAE

The Emirates do not have a lot of taxes that entrepreneurs pay in many other countries. Legislation for business people in the UAE is even better than in the European Union countries. There is no tax on personal income, on real estate or on profits. There are no charges on added value either. So it is quite easy to open and run your own firm here. Because of such a flexible and humane tax system for doing business, the World Bank has recognized the Emirates as the fourth in the world in terms of attractiveness for business.

The United Arab Emirates is a country with a Muslim legal system and strict mores. It carefully monitors compliance with its laws and punishes violators. Therefore, life and work in the UAE is not suitable for everyone. But for many citizens of other countries the opportunity to try their luck in a rich, comfortable and exotic country outweighs all the disadvantages of adapting to an unusual way of life. In the UAE are open offices of the largest hotels and travel companies. The experience gained while working in the Emirates is hard to overestimate. It gives you the opportunity to improve your English, have a successful career and learn the culture and traditions of an amazing nation.

Layboard has provided you with a few factors that really make you think twice about moving to Dubai. We wish you success in your endeavors!