Important Information on Tax Services and Tax preparation in Abbotsford

Tax services and preparation require a bit of work from you as the client. There are certain aspects you should never overlook while some like dressing is way less important. 

You always need to be sure that the professionals you are working with are ready to provide copies of their work since you need that for recording purposes. If they are unwilling to do that, it means they are running away from being held accountable in the future. 

They should also be willing to sign the returns. Failing to do so may mean that they are not credited. Contact is also important. Reach out to an individual who you are sure you can reach out to any time of the year. 

Be keen to point out those who show up during the filing season and go missing after that. Below are several other aspects that you should and always needs to look out for. This is why you might need seek personal tax services from various experts to help you out.

  • Tax identification number

Every professional who prepares taxes needs to have the most recent PTIN. Without it, they are not allowed to prepare your taxes. 

It is very critical yet many people ignore it and only discover in the end that the individual was not qualified. To avoid such awkward situations, you can search on your own by using the Internal Revenue Service’s Online PTIN Directory.

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  • Tax background

More than often, there is a slew of letters that will be on the business card after the professional’s name. In many instances, they are there to show that the professional has gone through some special training and should never get you overwhelmed. 

A CFP is a certified financial planner who may have tax experience but that does not mean that that is where they have focused as professionals. 

CPA refers to a certified public accountant who has the right to work as a public accountant but can work in a wide variety of fields. EA is for an Enrolled Agent who has the permission to represent you. It is the highest status in the IRS awards. 

An AFSP, Annual Filing Season Program, is a return preparer who is not credited by the IRS. In any case one gets to complete the course per the IRS requirements they get included in the return preparers database.

A JD, Juris Doctor, is an individual who has graduated from the school of law with or without passing the bar exam. Those who have taken master in law will have the title LLM and may have or may not have specialized in taxation. 

One way to qualify or disqualify a lawyer is by what they offer you. If they come to you offering several services, it only means that they are a jack of all trade and a master of none. 

A Volunteer Income Tax Assistance has the skills to prepare basic returns. It is essential to keep in my mind that some individuals may have the competence but may not have the credentials. 

It is good to give them a chance especially because their services tend to be cheaper in the long run. See this link to read about how you can start your own tax preparation business See this link to read about how you can start your own tax preparation business 

  • Experience

Tax services have a wide variety. Some non-professionals can do everything which is why you need to focus on what is most important to you. 

Preparers will be proficient in different sectors. One individual might be proficient in one sector while another might have some struggles. They also may have intentionally chosen to focus on one area than on another. 

You need to know that you cannot trust any individual who implies that they can do everything.

  • Requirements

Federal rules never change from one locality to another. However, states and localities are highly likely to have striking differences, especially for the business owners. 

Living in one state and working in another or having moved from one state to another within the same year could also make the process a bit complicated. In such cases, you need a professional who you are sure can handle such special conditions. 

Owning real estate outside the state you live in also demands that you have unique processes to follow.  Click here to find out more insights on whether you should use a tax agent or a software.

  • Records and documentation

It is never necessary to haul in the entire contents of your office yet here are some details that are very important to make the process effective that a good professional must ask for. 

Anyone willing to use a pay stub only for the whole process is highly likely to do a bad job. Every professional committed to delivering quality should be in a position to ask for verification of income and expenses forms. 

Not doing so should only tell you that they are willing to use shortcuts at your expense.

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  • Determining the fees

Many people rush to asking how much they will be required to pay without getting into the details of how the fees were determined by the agents or accountants. 

It is very okay to ask how the fees were determined and anybody who gets upset by that question is highly likely to be only focusing on what they will get and not the quality they will deliver. 

The complexity of your returns highly dictates the fees you will be charged. You will always need to pay more if you need additional schedules. You should never agree to work with a professional who is basing their fees on the amount of refund you will get at the end of the day.

  • Extras

Extra services go a long way in making the work better and hence you should never be afraid to get extras, all you need to do instead is be sure about the cost of each beforehand. 

Some services like getting a copy of the returns though, should not be included on the list of extras. Getting extra copies however could be included in the extras. See this link to read more on hiring tax accountants 


Tax services and preparation needs you to carry out a lot of due diligence. You need an individual that you can rely on, not just for a one-time service but over the years. Just like you are never afraid to make inquiries from a mechanic or a hairdresser, the same should be the case here. You don’t need one who will just fill out a form randomly and disappear. Your aim is to have a relationship with them and get quality work. A legit individual will also be out for a relationship and not a one-time business deal.