How to Practice French with a Native Speaker for Free

Remember Briton Matthew Yoldens, who is fluent in nine languages? One of his tips for those who want to learn a foreign language is to find yourself a language partner for continuous practice of the language, ideally, if it is also a native speaker. Where to find it? There are many online French lessons specifically designed to help you find a language partner to learn French or any other language. We have compiled a selection of the most popular resources.


On this website, you can find a language partner from almost any country, for example, the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, India, Morocco, Thailand, Chile, etc. You need to register and fill out your profile to start communication on this service. For example, you will need to indicate which language you speak and which language you want to learn. At the same time, the system allows you to specify several languages ​​- for example, you can indicate that you speak English, but you want to practice French. 

The user is also invited to write a short message describing himself and his interests to attract attention, add a photo, and indicate exactly how he would like to practice the language, for example, through email correspondence, Skype communication, and live communication. You can also enter your name on Skype if you wish to be contacted directly.

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Although this site is designed to find language teachers worldwide, there is a separate section where you can find a common language practice partner. The search criteria are the same as on the previous site: gender, country, city of residence, language you speak, and the one you would like to learn. You can also specify that the system searches exclusively for native speakers of a foreign language and not for users who know it well. It is very convenient that the system also shows whether a person is currently on the site, plus – next to each foreign language, it is indicated at what level he speaks it. 

Other goodies include, for example, Articles sections, where you can find articles on learning different foreign languages ​​(there is a filter by language to sort out inappropriate content), and Notebook. It allows you to train written skills in a foreign language. The essence is simple: you make a record on any topic, for example, talk about your work, family, travel, publish it, and other users can correct errors and leave their comments.


On this service, the same principle of operation as on the previous ones: you register, enter data about yourself and choose the most suitable language partner for the language he speaks and the one he wants to learn.

Conveniently, there is an online chat in the user profile, where all suitable users who are currently on the site are displayed – you can immediately start chatting. Moreover, you can both correspond and turn on audio and video chat. Also, if you wish, you can save the correspondence on your desktop.

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Here you can practice 25 foreign languages, and a funny character named Speaky helps you with this. One of the service features is that, unlike the previous ones. Here, you can choose a partner for learning a language by more parameters, such as the level of knowledge, age, and presence of a photo on the resource.

Another resource feature is a built-in video chat, a mobile version, and an online translator, making communication much more accessible. You can also make appointments for your language partners and add them to your schedule.


Here you can practice only French. All content of the site can be conditionally divided into two parts. The first is, in fact, the search and selection of a foreign interlocutor for communication in French in text, audio, or video chats. Moreover, if you do not want or are not ready to communicate face-to-face, you can chat in a general discussion. The second part is the study area. There are articles, videos, thematic collections of words, dictionaries, etc. And the third part is your virtual coach. The user needs to indicate the level of French proficiency and the topics he would like to improve his knowledge. Depending on this, exercises for training are automatically selected.

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