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American Hartford Gold IRA Review

Our predecessors realized that gold does two things perfectly. First of all, it serves as an outstanding medium of exchange. Second of all, it’s the best store of value that we’ve ever seen. These two functions are crucial when it comes to using money because that’s what the representation is in the ideal sense. 

However, paper money started to represent gold because it was heavy and difficult to move around. That’s why using precious metals today will seem a bit archaic, and it will feel like a move in the opposite direction to progress. 

In the past half a century, banks and governments have wanted to eliminate money as a physical asset and replace it with credit and debit cards, as well as virtual representations of it. We can all agree that they have almost succeeded in that mission. You check your balance on your phone, and you don’t keep a lot of cash inside your wallet. 

Habits are changing, and also, more people are looking into Bitcoin as a possible replacement for the dollar. However, the probability that we’re going to have a massive financial crash is quite high. Testing new assets like Bitcoin and investing in them is something that should be done when the markets are stable, not when they’re as uncertain as today, along with close to double-digit inflation rates. 

For that reason, plenty of investors are starting to put away some gold in their IRAs, specifically for the purpose of getting some essentials in the worst-case scenario.  If the worst is to come, the people who have gold can go to an exchange, replace it with a currency and then use that to buy food, water, and shelter. 

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Additionally, they could barter with it and get anything they wanted. No one knows what’s going to happen in the case of an economic breakdown, and with the dollar getting a bad reputation as it is, the only reliable currency will be gold.  

Small coins 

If gold is to be used as real money again, then the representation would be in small bullion coins. They weigh anywhere between a tenth to half an ounce, and they best serve the purposes of transacting. The quarter ounce one is the most useful because the other ones are either too big or too small. 

Most of the developed states are minting them, and this includes Canada, Australia, and the United States. The coins are large enough to be passed from person to person and to serve as a currency. You can store them, stack them, and keep them without the fear of losing one. 

That’s not the case for the one-tenth-ounce coins. However, you need to know that the premium on these coins is a bit higher compared to regular bullion. You can go to American Hartford Gold Review to learn more.  That’s because the cost to make a single coin is the same, no matter the size. 

Of course, everyone hopes that we’ll never need to use coins as mediums of exchange again because that would require the destruction of the economic fabric of the world. However, it’s much better to have coins when you need them than to need them and not have any at all. In that case, it would be wise to get your hands on a few silver ones too. 

Like the gold ones, the premium on silver coins is quite high, but they’re much better when it comes to dealing with smaller transactions. In the case of an economic breakdown, you’d like to have some money to be used as barter. It’s not a complicated problem, and you don’t need to go through a bureaucratic system to get your hands on them. You can just go to a dealer and get them or order some online.  

Ensuring your wealth 

Over the past couple of decades, the people of the United States have become savers, while the government has increased its spending. Investors used to flock to new markets in order to make a profit, but they’ve been burned too many times. 

Now, they’re fleeing from a niche as soon as it starts a downward trend. Saving is the tool that modern investors want to use most. Speculating in the derivatives markets is not trendy anymore. We can notice that from the myriad of financial influencers and celebrities talking about working hard, investing prudently in index funds like the S&P 500, as well as building businesses and additional sources of income. 

The number of people that think they can live their life by day trading, leveraging, or flipping has brought us to a more conservative time, where people firmly believe that wealth is created with time. And that’s a good thing. One of the biggest clues about that is the price of gold. It stagnates for a decade and then moves substantially. Then the process begins all over again. But the motion is always in the upward trend, and as soon as it sets a standard, there’s no going back.  

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In the 60s, more than 80 percent of people believed in the federal government and trusted that they were doing the right thing. In 2010, the same polls showed that less than 17 percent of people still had that opinion. The government is losing the trust of the people, and 65 percent of Americans believe that Wall Street bankers are dishonest, overpaid, and greedy. 

That’s mainly because of the scandal that happened in 2008, and their name still hasn’t been cleared. This trend is not limited to the United States and is becoming a global problem. The internet uncovered a lot of dirt that the governments have been trying to dig up, and the worldwide web never forgets.  

Increased uncertainty and disbelief in government lead to increased prices in the precious metals sector. If you’re a savvy investor, then the smart move would be to get your hands on some coins and bullion. Selling it for a profit is only a secondary benefit when the fabric of the economic machine is starting to degrade.  

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